First Category Based Express Entry Draws Invites 500 Healthcare Workers


First category based Express Entry draws conducted today invite 500 healthcare workers. 

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, made an announcement about these draws back in May. They were supposed to come out this summer, though the date was not defined. But as we can see, the first ever draws are out and inviting candidates from only the healthcare sector. 

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First Ever Express Entry Category Based Draws Out

On 28th June, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced the first ever draws from Express Entry Category Based draws. 

Total candidates invited are 500 from the healthcare industry and the lowest ranking candidate scored 476.

Express Entry Category-based draws are also selecting candidates based on their CRS score. This comprehensive ranking system helps IRCC in selecting the highest scoring candidates from the pool of eligible candidates. 

The higher a candidate scores, the greater potential they have. Further in the announcement, 1,500 more candidates will be invited on 5th July, 2023. Moreover, it is expected that in the same week as 5 July, another draw will be conducted to invite candidates from only the STEM industry.

Labor Shortages in the Healthcare Sector 

No other sector in Canada is facing as severe labor shortage as that of the healthcare industry. The need to get in more workers for this industry is developing into quite a desperate situation. Communities are struggling to keep up with the demand and the economy is also facing the impacts of the workforce shortage. 

Hence, the need for a new immigration pathway emerged from this desperation and the Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, along with Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, made an announcement regarding that. This will allow the Canadian government to directly select candidates based on their specific skills, particular fields, training, or upon their language ability. 

Along with this, the IRCC minister also announced some changes into Canada’s main federal immigration program, Express Entry. The changes were necessary to expedite the process of bringing in more talented candidates from all over the world. Along with this, not only will these healthcare professionals be able to come to Canada easily, but they would also receive accreditation needed sooner to practice their skills in Canada. 

This need of inviting selected eligible candidates will allow them to bring in specific needed candidates based on the needs of the communities across Canada. Not only will the labor shortages be reduced, but the Canadians would be able to access healthcare services easily. 

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