Canada to Launch New Open Work Permit for H-1B Visa Holders

Canada to Launch New Open Work Permit for H-1B Visa Holders

The Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, made an announcement regarding the launch of a new open work permit for H-1B visa holders. 

This is done in recognition of the need to bring in more talent into Canada by inviting more tech workers. Also, this is done so in accordance with Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy, as IRCC and Sean Fraser has been calling it. 

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About the New Open Work Permit 

The talk of a new open work permit is for those with a US H-1B visa only. Many H-1B visa holders in the tech industry are working in the US but their company’s operations rely in Canada. 

In order to invite such talented individuals to come to work in Canada, IRCC is launching 3 year work permit. Also, this will streamline labor mobility in North America for workers. Moreover, they can even bring their family members with them to Canada on a temporary resident visa. 

Starting 16th July, H-1B visa holders will be eligible to apply for an open work permit and come to Canada. Since this is an open work permit, obviously the candidates would be free to work under any employer. Their immediate family members such as their spouse and dependents can accompany them on a temporary resident visa. 

How long will this temporary measure be in place for? Until IRCC receives 10,000 applications for this permit, which may take a whole year, this measure will be kept in place. 

New Innovation Stream

Since, there’s still a need for more workers in the tech industry, Canada will decidedly be launching a new innovation stream under the International Mobility Program (IMP). This will ensure that more talented candidates are able to come to Canada easily and contribute to the labor market their valuable skills. 

Moreover, this new immigration stream will not need employers to go through the LMIA process and employees would benefit by being able to easily find jobs. 

This new stream is evidently coming out by the end of 2023.

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