Quebec Draw Invites 1,006 Persons with Score Higher Than 626

Quebec Draw Invites 1,006 Persons with Score Higher Than 626

The newest Quebec draw took place on 22 June; 1,006 candidates adept in French received invitations for the permanent selection. The eligible candidates, selected from the Arrima bank on 19th June, and then given invitations to apply for permanent residency in Quebec. 

These candidates received a chance to live in Quebec and also get to work there. If you also want to work in Canada, then you should apply for a Canadian work visa so you could work in the maple leaf country. 

More updates on the draws below. 

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Quebec Most Recent Draw 

Date: 22 June, 2023 

Invitations: 1,006 

Minimum Points: 626 

Requirements: Level 7 Oral Proficiency in French; Valid Job Offer

As you can see from the above provided information, a total of 1,006 invitations were sent to eligible candidates. These invitations are a chance to apply for the permanent residency in Quebec and get to live there as well. 

Now, we know that after receiving an invitation, a candidate has to fill in the permanent selection application. Also, the candidate has to make sure that they provide only the correct information in their expression of interest, otherwise their application would be canceled. 

As per the new guidelines, and a way to preserve French culture in Canada, Quebec has started sending out invitations only to certain candidates. Those candidates who declare their language proficiency as level 7 or higher than that, may be eligible to receive an invitation. 

But it’s only natural that exceptions arise and so, if a candidate proves they have a valid job offer outside of Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC), they may also be eligible for the invitations. According to the rules, these special candidates may receive a temporary invitation for permanent selection in Quebec and don’t even have to show their French language skills. 

Requirements of the Draw

This most recent Quebec immigration draw invited candidates based on specific things. By specific things we mean that the candidates were required to have scored at least 626 points. 

Moreover, these candidates needed a level 7 oral proficiency in French language or higher than that. This level is measured by the Québec scale of French proficiency levels for adult immigrants or something of its equivalent. 

Also, the candidates selected were on the basis that they possessed a valid job offer outside the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal. 

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