Quebec May Strengthen Family Re-unification Policies


The federal government of Canada has been pressuring the government of Quebec to make changes in its Family Re-unification Policies so that more family members could be reunited. Quebec has the scope to invite more candidates so why not do it? That’s what the new Immigration Minister Marc Miller says. 

It is expected that the Quebec Government will need to make necessary changes because of this in the future. This is relatively good news for immigrants looking for work in Quebec. As the province would be inviting more workers, it’s clear that there are plenty of jobs at abroad for Indian and skilled workers from other countries too. 

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Federal Government pressuring Quebec Govt: What will happen next? 

Since Marc Miller has become the newly appointed Immigration Minister of Canada, he expressed his views on immigration policies. When asked in an interview whether he would be lowering the immigration targets, Miller clearly said that he did not deem it fit. 

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Canada is in need of skilled workers to reduce the chronic labour shortage it has been combating. In such times, to slash the number of immigration targets would be clearly uncalled for. Miller says that there are tens of thousands families that wish to immigrate to Canada but Quebec needs to offer a helping hand.

Quebec has long gained autonomy, at least a large portion of it, over its own immigration policies. Quebec decides how many immigrants it needs, and from which streams it would be inviting them. 

And family re-unification policies is something Quebec has a strong hold over, but the tight regulations have been proving to be quite a hindrance to the process. Moreover, one of the major requirements to be eligible for immigration to Quebec requires being quite fluent in French. 

Most of the immigrants in Quebec are Francophones and hence, this further restricts the number of families being reunited. 

What is the Canadian Govt doing for Family Re-unification? 

The government of Canada has been implementing and coming up with various measures to reunite families in Canada. Not so long ago, the former Immigration Minister announced some new measures for family re-unification. These were:-

  • There would be new and dedicated processing tools for spousal temporary residents visa applicants. 
  • The processing time for temporary resident visa applications would be expedited for spousal applicants. 
  • For those in the spousal and family class category, there’s going to be a new open work permit for them. 
  • If a candidate’s open work permit is expiring between 1st August and the end of this year, they can get an extension on their permit. 

All of these measures together will definitely help in reuniting families in Canada. 

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