Job Bank Reveals Highest Paying Jobs Based on Educational Level


There is no shortage of jobs at abroad for Indian . There are jobs for immigrants from all across the world, and they can be students as well. It can be quite a task for students to find suitable jobs according to their education. This is why, today we have brought the perfect read for you. If you are a student just read this piece of information to know about the highest paying jobs based on educational level. 

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Which are the Highest Paying Jobs in Canada?

Job Bank, the official job hunting website of Canada, has a career planning page that helps students find work based on their educational level. Let’s discuss some of those jobs below. 

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Bachelor’s Degree

In Canada, there are over 100 universities that offer more than 10,000 bachelor degree programs. Some famous bachelor degree programs are- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Arts. 

After completing a 3-4 year bachelor’s degree program, you can pursue some suitable jobs such as:

  • Nursing- one can earn around $79,800 in a year 
  • Chemical Engineering- average earning is around $91,000
  • Pharmaceutical science and pharmacy- the job may get you to earn $80,000 per year

Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree may take around one or two years to be completed. This degree may include a practicum, thesis, course-based program, or a research paper. Some of the highest paying jobs for those who hold a master’s degree are:

  • Accounting- average income of $102,600
  • Business and commerce and administration: you may get to earn around $100,000 in a year
  • Finance and financial management services: one can more than $106,500

Diploma Holders 

The advantage of pursuing a diploma course is that it is shorter in duration, and one can choose the course based on their interests. Students usually go for a diploma in courses such as information technology, engineering, and hospitality management. 

Some handsomely paying jobs in Canada for diploma holders as listed by Job Bank are:-

  • Stationary energy sources installer and operator- average earning of $128,300 on a yearly basis
  • Technicians- they mostly get to earn $68,700 a year
  • Industrial equipment maintenance technologies- median income is $74,000 per year

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