Understanding the Canada Citizenship Process

Understanding the Canada Citizenship Process

Were you aware of the fact that in Canada, legal and biological parents have the option to pass their citizenship to their children as well? Even if their children are born outside Canada, the parents can pass citizenship. However, there are some requirements that parents must fulfill first. If you would like to know more about Canada citizenship process, read the whole news!

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Knowing Canada Citizenship Process

Canada gives some benefits to citizens who are parents, like that of passing on their citizenship to their children. But, in turn, the parents must be first generation Canadian citizens. How would a parent know that they are a Canadian citizen, and how can they occupy a Canadian citizenship certificate? Well, it is possible if the parent submits an application to the Canadian government. That application is Proof of Canadian Citizenship application. 

A person born in Canada can have this certificate of Canadian citizenship. Also someone who was born outside of Canada or maybe born to a Canadian parent, along with those born to a permanent resident that have Canadian citizenship can also acquire this certificate. Recently, spousal sponsorship in Canada also became available. 

The meaning of citizenship is that that person is legal in that country. There are two ways to get citizenship: by birth or by the process of naturalization. 

Immigrants are also eligible to apply for naturalization, if they meet some requirements. In the immigration process, an immigrant receiving Canadian citizenship is the final stepping stone.

There are many reasons to go for Canadian naturalization, one could be to pass on their citizenship to their children. One of the reasons include having the privilege to live in Canada and work there. Second would include, having the privilege to a Canadian passport that allows its holders visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.

How to Apply for a Canada Citizenship Certificate

Adults who are not certain about their Canadian citizenship but believe they are eligible, and are born to Canadian parents can apply for proof of citizenship application. Furthermore, Canadian parents who have children born in another country can apply as well. What’s more is that children are eligible to apply too. 

There are two ways of submitting this application, either online or on paper. The cost of this application is around $75 Canadian dollars. 

After that, IRCC reviews the application to check its completion. The applicant receives an “acknowledgment of receipt”, if the application is complete. However, if the file is somewhat complicated, then IRCC is going to contact the applicant for further information. To do this, IRCC is also going to require more time to process. 

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