Will You Lose Canada PR After Breaking Up with Your Wife?

Ever thought about what would happen to your Canada PR after breaking up with your wife? If you are a PR in Canada, definitely read this!
Will You Lose Canada PR After Breaking Up with Your Wife?

If you have your Canada permanent residency through a sponsor, but you broke up with your partner, then it will not affect your PR status. Canada PR after breaking up with your wife will not get affected since you have already had permanent residency. But you might lose your Canada PR status if your permanent residency is not confirmed and you break up with your sponsor or get divorced.

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This is what happens after a Sponsorship Relationship Breakup

So you were sponsored to Canada and your partner was your sponsor, but now you broke up with them. So, what should you do?

As we said before, the PR or the permanent residency status does not depend on your partner. Hence, even if you break up with them, it does not matter. BUT the status of your permanent residency matters if it is not confirmed.

This situation happens when the sponsor and the sponsored person are in one of the three relationship categories listed below:

  • Common-law partner- they both have been in a cohabited relationship for a minimum of one year
  • Spouse- They are married to each other
  • Conjugal partner- There were some situations that prevented them from becoming spouses or common-law partners. However, they should still be in a mutually dependent relationship for a minimum of one year.

What if I was sponsored but got divorced?

We said this before, nothing will happen to your immigration status when you get divorced. Even if you received your PR status because of your partner, you still won’t lose your PR. Why? It’s because the status does not depend on the length of your relationship to begin with. 

The federal government of Canada launched a rule back in 2017. The rule said sponsored spouses don’t have to live with their partners, who are citizens, to keep their PR status. This was wonderful news since many sponsored spouses were in an abusive relationship. But these people could not leave the relationship because they feared their PR status might be lost. 

This rule is really favorable to all those people. Now, they don’t have to be with their partners just for the sake of the PR status, and they can even live happily.

HOWEVER, know this too. If you do not have a PR status, and the relationship breaks down, THEN it may have some effect on your potential to stay in Canada. 

If your sponsorship application is under processing, and the relationship breaks down, well you have to inform IRCC otherwise they will be misrepresentation. 

Some people marry a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen just for the sake of gaining the permanent residency of the country. They should know that the Government of Canada investigates these kinds of marriage frauds. 

We would recommend you to consult with an immigration lawyer in case your relationship ends and you were sponsored for the permanent residency.

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