More Job for Refugees and Newcomers in Canada

Yes, you read it more. Now, there are more number of job for refugees and newcomers in Canada. To know more about this, read the news.

You as a refugee or an immigrant must know how hard it can be to search for jobs in a foreign country. However, now, you don’t need to worry anymore! Why? It’s because there’s a country which is calling for you! There are several new job for refugees and newcomers in Canada now! Recently, IRCC Minister announced new immigration pathway, under the EMPP. This program is set to help displaced refugees and immigrants coming to the country find jobs easily. 

Filling Up Workforce While Helping People

Yes, that’s right. Canada would be killing two birds with one stone because of this new immigration program. The nation would be helping those who are in need by giving them a job, and in turn this increase of workers in the labor force would contribute to the economy. 

Hence, Canada is still a leader when it comes to refugee settlement. Only with the action of welcoming more and more immigrants into the country, it is giving them a chance to live a better life. Also, since Canada is so kindly welcoming refugees, the immigrants are also returning the favor by working hard to help the local culture grow. 

Benefits to the Refugees & Immigrants

Imagine if you had to leave your home land for some reason and there was a nation that welcomed you wholeheartedly. You don’t have to imagine because Canada is that country! It is welcoming more and more newcomers as well as refugees every year. Until 2025, the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada is to invite 500,000 immigrants in the country.

How will the new immigration pathway work?

The new immigration pathway, which would be under the EMPP, will be pairing up NGOs with refugees and immigrants so the potential employees could be found. 

The future employees would be able to find their potential employers, and hence, both sides would benefit from this new pathway. 

The new pathway will not be provincial, rather it would be federal in nature. Furthermore, it will be open this summer. Moreover, this pathway is going to be a lot more flexible in the eligibility criteria. This is so that more displaced individuals would be able to apply for it. 

These people will not be just building their own lives with this fresh start, but they will also be helping the government and the local economy at the same time. 

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