21,000 Candidates Can Apply for Canada PR via Express Entry

Over the previous three Express Entry draws, we saw that around 21,000 invitations were issued! This is the time to immigrate to Canada!
21,000 Candidates Can Apply for Canada PR via Express Entry

Express Entry invited a total of 21,000 candidates to apply for permanent residency in Canada over the last three weeks only. This is a pretty big leap Canada decided to take in terms of inviting immigrants. This is such a big deal that we could not let it pass by. Hence, we thought why not share this amazing news with all of you amazing people? That’s why we are here with this news and let us tell you, this is going to be an amazing ride! We will talk about the last Express Entry Draw 245  and what was the CRS cut-off difference in these surprising draws. 

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Surprising Previous Express Entry Draws

On 30th March, 2023, we got to know that Canada has once again issued 7,000 invitations. These candidates received invitations because they applied for the Express Entry pool. See, if you have done it before, then you must know that applying in the Express Entry pool means that you are interested in going to Canada. Hence, you applied in this pool. 

If you get selected, then you would receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada! Yes, you read it right! You would have the chance to live in your dream country! Oh how much I wish to go there. Canada is truly a wonderful nation that if I got the opportunity, I would be ready with all my bags packed and visa ready to get on that plane. Like seriously. I would. 

Anyways, back on the news. So, what were we talking about? Oh yes, Express Entry draws. Okay, so IRCC went out of it’s way with all the invitations it has been giving out lately. Only in one month, and we repeat ONE MONTH, it issued more than 21,000 invitations?! For real? Surprisingly, yes! Though it’s a good thing for all the immigrants out there.

Declining CRS cut-off score

In these last three draws, in March alone, EE conducted all-program draws, and in each round of draws 7,000 invitations went out. Moreover, in the previous draws, we saw an astonishing decline in CRS cut-off too.

In the first draws of March, 667 invitations went out, however, the number of invitations went up drastically as the next three draws came out. And, we all know how many invitations to apply were handed out. 

To talk about the CRS score, in the first week of March, the cut off was 748. In the second week of March? It dropped from a great height of 748 to only 490. Now, hold on. This doesn’t end here. In the third week of March, FYI this one was totally unexpected, the CRS cut-off point dropped further to 484! Stay with us for one more shocking fact. 

When everyone was expecting the draws to come out on 1st April, it came by on 30th March. Yes, the schedule of these draws have been all over the place. ON TOP OF THAT, the CRS cut-off even dropped lower than my expectations. Only 481 points were needed to apply for permanent residency in Canada. This was the lowest requirement in terms of all-program draws ever since 23rd December, 2022.

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