You Might Lose Your Canada PR Status

You Might Lose Your Canada PR Status-min
There are some mistakes that people make which leads to them losing their Canada PR status. If you wish to avoid making these silly mistakes, then do follow the points below!

How can someone lose their Canada PR?

Any Canadian PR needs to live in Canada for at least 730 days or two years out of every five-year period otherwise they may lose their PR status. This is one of the main reasons why immigrants may lose their PR status. 
Other reasons are:
  • There could be security reasons
  • The immigrant may have committed a crime
  • The immigrant may have violated human or international rights that may lead to losing their PR status
  • The immigrant’s financial reason could also lead to them losing their Pr status. 

Residency Obligations leading to lose PR Status

There are some obligations that need to be followed so the immigrant can continue to enjoy their PR status in Canada. However if they don’t comply with these rules, the chances of losing PR status increases. A few of those rules are listed below:

  • If the PR card is not valid, it could also lead to losing PR status.
  • An immigration officer could refuse to renew the immigrant’s PR card if they believe and have proof that the immigrant does not meet the residency obligations.
  • If a border service officer comes to the conclusion that the immigrant does not meet residency requirements, they could also cancel the PR status right on that spot, or they may refer the immigrant to an interview so their PR status could be canceled.

What after losing PR status?

After the immigrant loses their Canada PR status, they will turn into a foreign national. Turning into a foreign national will mean the immigrant has even lesser rights in the country than they had when they had a PR card.

However, there’s one more way by which an immigrant may lose their PR status. It is when they have become a Canadian citizen. After becoming a citizen, the immigrant will enjoy a lot more rights and privileges than they did when they had a PR card. Canadian citizens have the right to vote and they can also be appointed to important jobs which are not exactly accessible to Canadian PR immigrants. Hence, becoming a Canadian citizen and losing PR status doesn’t sound so bad.

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