8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Express Entry

mistakes to avoid in express entry

Express Entry is a process that facilitates the selection of skilled workers for permanent residency in Canada. It is a point-based system that works based on different factors such as the age, work experience, language proficiency of the candidate, and more. There are some mistakes to avoid in Express Entry process so that you can go through smooth immigration. 

There is a list of some common mistakes that candidates make in their Express Entry profile, which can turn out as rejection or delay of their application. 

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List of Common Mistakes to Avoid

Stated below is the list of common mistakes that you need to avoid:

Incorrect or Incomplete Information

The most common mistake made by the applicants is the incomplete of incorrect submission of their information in the Express Entry profile. The application that you are going to provide should be accurate and up-to-date. 

If there are some incorrection or inconsistencies in the information then there then your application will be rejected. Therefore make sure that you properly go through the information at least once before providing it. 

Low Educational Credential Assessment Score 

Candidates who completed their education from outside of Canada are required to go through ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). Based on the Canadian education system, ECA evaluates the education obtained by the candidate. Many candidates do not obtain ECA or have a low ECA score, which makes their points go lower in the Express Entry Pool. 

Inaccurate Language Test Results

It is another mistake to avoid in Express Entry as it is a crucial factor in the Express Entry Program also make sure that you take the test at the right time, the eligibility is for 2 years. It is also mandatory to submit the results from an approved testing agency. 

Many candidates send fake language test results to increase their scores which results in bad outcomes. So be transparent during the process. These tests include IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP

Not Providing the Proof of Funds

Candidates who do not carry a valid job offer or Canadian education standards are required to provide proof of funds. Candidates are required to provide sufficient funds to support themselves as an applicant and their family as well, specifically during the initiation period of their stay in Canada. 

Not Providing Personal Information Accurately 

Personal information like your name, date of birth, passport details, etc should be accurate. It should also match with the information provided in other documents. Many candidates provide wrong information which results in inaccuracy or error in their profile.

 Not Reviewing the Information Before Submission

It is very important to review your application carefully before you submit it. It should be done to check that there are no mistakes in the information so that you won’t have to go through inconvenience later on.

Not Meeting Express Entry Draw Requirements

At a certain period, Express Entry draws are conducted, and those candidates who meet CRS scores receive ITA, after receiving the ITA you get 60 days to apply for PR. Many candidates do not obtain the required CRS score which results in rejection of their PR application. Apart from that if you do not submit your profile at time then also you will have to counter rejection.  

Not Seeking Professional Assistance

Many candidates make the mistake of not seeking professional assistance from an immigration consultant or lawyer, which can lead to errors in their application. When you seek professional help you become able to understand complex immigration rules and regulations, which can result in getting successful permanent residency in Canada. You get help from expert consultants you can contact TCWW


If you want to obtain permanent residency in Canada then you have a few mistakes which you need to avoid in Express Entry. These mistakes include not providing the right information, not providing proof of funds, not seeking professional assistance, etc. Once you avoid these mistakes then you will be able to get permanent residency in Canada. 

We have covered the top 8 mistakes and described them thoroughly which will help you avoid them while you are applying under the Express Entry Process. Successful immigration is led by a few factors and one of them is to avoid making mistakes while you are going through the process. 

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