Apply for an Australian Business Visa From India In 2024

An Australian business visa allows you to visit Australia for business purposes that can increase your career opportunities globally. 

In addition, it allows you to take one step further in your career and enhance your standard of living. However, there are various types of business visas in Australia based on people’s needs. 

Hence, to understand more about business visas of Australia, make sure to READ ON! 

Business Visa of Australia

An Australian business visa is a legal permit to visit Australia and attend business meetings with corporate partners or customers. This is valid for 1 year for business related activities. 

Check out the various types of Australian business visas below.

Visa Type Subclass No. 
Business Innovation & Investment (permanent)Subclass 888
Business Innovation & Investment (provisional) Subclass 188
Business Owner visa Subclass 890
State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visaSubclass 892
State or Territory Sponsored Investor visa Subclass 893
Investor visaSubclass 891

Requirements Of Australian Business Visa 

Business Innovation & Investment (Subclass 888) 

Subclass 888 is for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners to carry on their occupation in Australia. 

  • Primary holder of Subclass 188 (Business Innovation and Investment Provisional), Subclass 444 (Special Category visa) or Subclass 457 (Temporary Work Skilled visa). 
  • Nominated by a state or territory government agency
  • Own a business in Australia without debt to the Australian government
  • Your business must have a turnover of at least AUD 300,000 annually
  • Must have assets with a net value of AUD 200,000 in the main business
  • Follow Australian laws in business
  • Know the usage of functional English
  • Must meet the residency requirements, health and character requirements
  • No involvement in illegal or unacceptable business activities
  • Your previous immigration application must not be refused
  • Must commit to continuing business activities and sign the Australian statements 

Business Visa Cost In Australia

Visa Type Cost
Business Innovation & Investment (permanent) – Subclass 888AUD 3,310 
Business Innovation & Investment (provisional) – Subclass 188AUD 1,135 to 13,860
Business Owner visa – Subclass 890AUD 2,810
Investor visa – Subclass 891AUD 2,810
State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa – Subclass 892AUD 2,810
State or Territory Sponsored Investor visa – Subclass 893AUD 2,810

Processing Time For Business Visa

Processing time for each Australian business visa can vary depending on your case. But here are the estimated processing timings. 

Visa Type StreamProcessing Time 
Business Innovation & Investment (permanent) – Subclass 888Business Innovation 31 to 36 Months 
Investor19 – 30 Months
Significant Investor37 – 41 Months
Business Innovation & Investment (provisional) – Subclass 188Business Innovation 31 – 41 Months 
Business Innovation Extension17 – 18 Months 
Investor37 – 45 Months
Significant Investor18 – 23 Months
Business Owner visa – Subclass 890Depends On Application 
Investor visa – Subclass 891Depends On Application 
State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa – Subclass 892Depends On Application 
State or Territory Sponsored Investor visa – Subclass 893Depends On Application 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a business visa for Australia?

ANS: To get the business visa for Australia, you must apply through the Department of Home Affairs portal of Australia and follow the procedure carefully. 

How much money is required for a business visa in Australia?

ANS: For a business visa in Australia, the fees required is AUD 2,810. 

Is it difficult to get an Australian business visa?

ANS: Getting an Australian business visa is not difficult. Instead, applying for a business visa is tough. Hence, it is advised to beginners that they apply their application with the help of experts. 

What is the easiest visa to work in Australia?

ANS: The easiest visa to work in Australia is ENS Visa, Subclass 186 which lets the candidate live and work in Australia permanently if nominated by an Australian employer. 

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