Things To Know Before Hiring An Immigration Consultant For Canada

When consulting with an immigration expert, there are few things to know before hiring an immigration consultant for Canada. 

On the other hand, it is true that many people find this whole process super complicated due to its legal compliance. Hence, it is suggested that one must take an expert’s guidance for all kinds of immigration and visa services. Only then, take action for your life and career. 

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Hiring An Immigration Consultant For Canada

Here are top 5 things to know before hiring an immigration consultant for Canada:

  • They must be CICC authorized with proven experience 
  • Check their client testimonials & reviews
  • See what types of immigration services they offer
  • Research their track record
  • They must be cost transparent and possess knowledge of immigration policies

CICC Authorized With Proven Experience

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada then you must check if your immigration consultant is CICC authorized with proven experience and high success rates. 

On the other hand, make sure to check their credentials and accreditation while also asking questions about their approach and immigration process.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

It is important to check clients’ testimonials and reviews before consulting with an immigration expert. This gives you a glimpse about their process and client satisfaction. 

Along with this, while going through this process, you can identify if the services are genuine or fraud.

Types Of Immigration Services Offered

Before discussing with any immigration consultant, make sure to ask them what kind of services they provide and confirm if they provide legal immigration services and if it includes post immigration services as well. 

In addition, ask them about their approach to various immigration pathways including Express Entry and PNP programs

Researching Consultant’s Track Record

Researching the consultant’s track record allows you to identify if they are legal or fraudsters. This can include verifying their credentials, their competitors, their genuine clients and online reviews, etc. 

Cost Transparency & Knowledge of Immigration Policies

Many immigration consultants might promise you free services at first but beware of fraudsters because most of them charge heavily later on. Hence, go to genuine consultants. 

Immigration to different countries is a complex situation. Hence, it requires expert’s guidance which does not come for free. 

On the other hand, only an expert has the updated knowledge of dynamic immigration policies. So, never take risks. 

Why Consult With Us Today?

Now, if you are facing these following challenges then this is your sign to contact us today! 

  • You are scared that your visa might be rejected. 
  • There is uncertainty about the step-by-step process. 
  • You are unaware of the updates and new policies. 
  • You are confused about the best immigration pathway for you. 
  • It is possible to miss the submission deadlines. 
  • You can’t find the most suitable NOC for yourself.

Summing up, now you know all things before hiring an immigration consultant for Canada. Yet, make sure to check our website, Talent Connected Worldwide for all the latest updates and news! 

Our team of experts holds 15+ years of experience in helping thousands of clients getting their Canada PR and all kinds of visas! Our vision is dedicated to transforming your dreams into reality! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an immigration consultant for Canada?

ANS: To choose an immigration consultant for Canada, make sure to check these things:
a. CICC Authorized With Proven Experience 
b. Client Testimonials & Reviews
c. Types Of Immigration Services Offered
d. Researching Consultant’s Track Record
e. Cost Transparency & Knowledge of Immigration Policies

Is it better to hire an immigration consultant in Canada?

ANS: Yes, it is always advised to hire an immigration consultant in Canada because it can save your time and money from the fraudsters. 

Which consultant is best for Canada immigration?

ANS: Talent Connected Worldwide holds 15+ years of experience in helping thousands of clients in their Canada Immigration. 

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