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How we help you Migrate To Canada From India?

Migrating to Canada from India is a complex process. However, we are with you at each and every step.

(1) We help you with language proficiency test results and ECA.

For English Language, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) are the accepted language proficiency tests. For French, TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français) and TCF are accepted during Canada Immigration. You must time your tests wisely as they are valid only for 2 years from the date of appearing for the exam. Language proficiency is compulsory to migrate to Canada from India as it determines the immigrant’s ability to survive, adapt and thrive and thus economically contribute to the Canadian economy.

Talent Connected Worldwide offers absolutely free and personalised IELTS training. We understand that language test scores are not only mandatory but crucial for high scores in calculators (CRS calculators, SINP assessment grid, etc.) Therefore, we go the extra mile and train our clients for IELTS absolutely free. Since IELTS results are only valid for two years, we also suggest you the most appropriate timing to take your test. A good language score increases your chances to migrate to Canada from India and we ensure you are on the right footing from the very beginning.

Another crucial document that is compulsory to Migrate to Canada from India is your ECA or Educational Credential Assessment report. Your ECA is only valid for 5 years and hence must be acquired on time. The designated Canadian organizations that offer valid ECAs are:

CES- Comparative Education Service-University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

ICES-International Credential Evaluation Service- British Columbia Institute of Technology.

IQAS- International Qualifications Assessment Service.

WES-World Education Services.

ICASC- International Credential Assessment Service of Canada.

MCC- Medical Council of Canada

PEBC- Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

Being one of the best Canada Immigration consultants in India, we help you decide which organization will be the quickest to deliver your ECA report. We will also assess what universities and courses are accepted in the above organizations and would be the first to know when any educational institution is blacklisted.

(2) We select the most suitable Immigration Program for you.

Contrary to the popular assumption, Express Entry is not the only way you can migrate to Canada from India. IRCC or the Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada offers more than 10 immigration pathways to facilitate and encourage immigrants from all walks of life. The most popular Canadian immigration programs in India are:

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP):
Canadian provinces nominate eligible and required skilled immigrants under this Canada Immigration Program. Each province has various immigration programs with mandatory eligibility requirements corresponding to its labor and economic market needs.

1. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
2. Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)
3. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
4. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
5. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Express Entry
Specially curated program for skilled immigrants that offers lesser PR processing time. Express Entry is the most popular immigration program to migrate to Canada from India.

Family Sponsorship
Canada prefers immigrants with familial connections as it exponentially helps them to survive, adapt and thrive in a foreign country. This in turn minimises any chances of valuable skilled immigrants leaving the country for somewhere else. Family Sponsorship is an immigration program that encourages eligible immigrant Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents to sponsor their family members for Canada immigration.

Quebec Selected Skilled workers
Atlantic Immigration Program
Start-Up Visa Program

Being the best CICC/IRCC-certified Canada immigration consultants in India, we know which immigration program will suit you best. Canada welcomes and encourages immigrants from all sectors. You need not lose hope if you don’t qualify for Express Entry. There are more than 50 ways to migrate to Canada from India. We assess which program would increase your chances for Canada immigration.

(3) Create your immigration profile and register.

No matter which Canada immigration program you select, you will be required to make a profile in the online system of the selected immigration program. Some of the online systems are OASIS for SINP, SIRS or Skills Immigration Registration System for BC PNP Skills Immigration, MADI or MyAlberta Digital ID, OINP e-Filing Portal, and GCKey in case of Express Entry.

Once you create your profile, all your personal, academic, and economic information is submitted to it. This is the step where you will be writing an effective EOI or Expression of Interest as required by your immigration program.

Submission of accurate information is extremely important at this stage. We ensure all your information is current and correct. We also help you pick the most advantageous NOC code for your occupation. Not only this, we also assist and guide you in writing a compelling and convincing EOI. We leave no stone unturned to help you migrate to Canada from India.

This is the most important stage and can make or break your Canada Immigration. We exhaust all possibilities that can get you a high score in the various Canada PR calculators.

For instance, retaking the IELTS will drastically improve your CRS score. Similarly, you can also score additional points if you have test results for the French language. There are other similar but lesser-known ways in which you can improve your score and increase your chances to migrate to Canada from India.

4) Get selected in the Canada PR draw and receive an ITA.

Various Immigration programs hold draws consistently to select the highest ranking and most suitable immigrants. Some draws such as BC PNP Tech draws, are held to invite immigrants of a particular occupation and field. The targeted draws are executed to meet the acute labor needs of the particular province (in this case British Columbia).

Express Entry draws, AINP/AAIP draws, MPNP draws, SINP draws, and OINP draws are some of the draws that are held for Canada immigration. Once you are selected in any of the Canada PR draws, you will be issued an ITA. This ITA is also known as LAA or Letter of Advice to Apply (in the case of Manitoba PNP), and NOI or Notification of Interest (in the case of Alberta PNP).

(5) Get your score by Canada PR calculators.

Once registered with an active immigration profile, you will now be assessed and ranked by Canada PR calculators. Canada Immigration programs have their respective calculators to assess and award points to prospective immigrants as per their market needs and preference. The 67 points calculator to assess the eligibility of Foreign Skilled Workers in Express Entry; the CRS Calculator to rank Express Entry profiles in the EE pool; the SIRS calculator for BC PNP Skills Immigration; the Alberta points calculator for AAIP/AINP, etc. are a few of the many calculators that assess, score and rank immigrants during the immigration process.

(6) Submit all documents and apply for Canada PR under the chosen category.

Once you receive an ITA from the selected Canada Immigration Program, you will have a limited time to submit complete documentation including your NOC code to the Provincial immigration authority or the IRCC as per the program selected. The time period available for document submission is variable according to the Canada immigration Program selected. For instance, in the case of Express Entry, you will have 60 days to submit complete documentation to the IRCC after receiving your ITA.

(7) Get a COPR.

Congratulations! Once your complete documentation is submitted, verified, and accepted, IRCC provides you a Confirmation of Permanent Resident document.

(8) Arrive in Canada through a PR Visa and get a Canada PR.

Welcome to Canada! The COPR is signed by the IRCC authorities once you land. Additionally, as soon as you land in Canada through PR Visa, you will be asked for your mailing address for posting your PR card. In case you are unable to provide it immediately, you have till 180 days after which a fresh PR application will be required and the fee will be levied.

ICCRC/CICC licensed Canada Immigration consultants in India guide you through each and every phase of the Canada PR process.

What makes us the Best Canada Immigration Consultants In India?

We are the best Canada Immigration Consultants in India because we are ICCRC/CICC certified. Becoming a Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is not child’s play. Becoming CICC/ICCRC authorized takes consistent hard work, discipline, and money. To become an RCIC, you must

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Earn a Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law from Queen’s University.
  • Pass the CICC’s Entry-to-Practice Exam or the EPE.
Practice Management Education

To facilitate the licensee’s understanding and utilize the latest educational resources and tools that are indispensable for practicing efficiently.

Specialization Program

This ongoing educational program assesses and verifies academic and skill competency to practice before the Immigration and Refugee Board. As per the latest CICC update, it will become mandatory for the RCICs to possess an RCIC-IRB license to practice before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. This will take effect on and from July 2023.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This ongoing education initiative ensures that the RCIC licensees keep learning and refreshing their knowledge of immigration laws throughout their practice. To maintain their license, the RCICs must complete 16 hours of CPD annually.

Thus, it not only requires hard work to earn the ICCRC/CICC authorization, it also takes an equal amount of discipline and effort to maintain and keep the license. We are the best Canada Immigration consultants in India because we are not only RCICs, but, have also been able to maintain our license for almost a decade. This is a testimony to our persistent efforts toward delivering transparent immigration services. We work hard to ensure you migrate to Canada from India safely and legally.

How the Best Consultants For Canada Immigration help you?

Being a part of a self-regulated profession is not just a privilege but also a humungous responsibility towards the people. Being ICCRC/CICC certified implies that the RCIC is legally bound to be at his/her absolute best at all times while providing immigration services to his/her clients. The best consultants for Canada Immigration serve their clients in the following ways.

Competent in foundational and fundamental knowledge

ICCRC/CICC licensed immigration lawyers and practitioners have a thorough knowledge of the Canadian legal system. They are adept in interpreting for their client, all the essential sections of Immigration regulations and policies.

Assess the intellectual abilities of the client

The best consultants for Canada Immigration in India are accurately able to judge if their client is competent in understanding the interpretations of complex legal clauses. In case the client is not, they try to arrange for a substitute who would be able to better understand the terms and conditions of the immigration process.

Assess practical possibilities

An ICCRC/CICC licensed RCIC will never take up an immigration case before being sure of his/her competency. Furthermore, before signing up to provide their immigration services to a client, they make sure that the client’s case is eligible for Canada immigration with minimum risks.

Culturally sensitive

The best consultants for Canada Immigration in India are culturally sensitive. They ensure to serve their client in a way that makes him/her comfortable and as a consequence build a strong and positive professional bond.

Adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct

Canada Immigration lawyers and practitioners are legally bound to be in compliance with the code of professional conduct and dispatch their services to the absolute best of their abilities while helping clients migrate to Canada from India.

What do the Certified Immigration Consultants In India never do?

The certified Immigration consultants in India are the ones that are ICCRC/CICC approved. Being CICC licensed implies that we are legally bound to provide 100% legal and ethical immigration services. Additionally, we are also accountable and answerable to any misinformation or illegal conduct occurring during the course of our immigration services. The best immigration consultants in India will never:

Guarantee successful Canada Immigration

Even clients with best-case scenarios cannot be promised 100% guaranteed Canada Immigration. There are many unpredictable and unprecedented factors that might impact an immigration application. Guaranteeing any client that they will be able to successfully migrate to Canada from India is not only unethical but also illegal.

Charge unreasonable fees or hidden fee

The Canadian Immigration process is extremely transparent and often, all the immigration program fees are clearly mentioned on the Canadian or the provincial website. Any hidden fee on the pretext of a program fee is a clear indication of fraudulence. An ICCRC/CICC licensed Canada Immigration practitioner will never charge you any hidden fee.

Forged documents

A CICC licensed RCIC (Regulated Canada Immigration Consultant) will NEVER suggest any kind of forgery in the documentation. They will go the extra mile to suggest legal substitutes for the required missing document, but will under no circumstance encourage you to commit forgery.

Verifying The ICCRC/CICC Members List


The ICCRC/CICC specifically aims to discourage illegal immigration consultants from exploiting and preying upon often vulnerable immigrants who are aiming to migrate to Canada from India.

To make Canada’s immigration process accessible and transparent to laymen, a complete ICCRC members list is available on the CICC website. To verify if your immigration representative is licensed by the CICC, you can visit https://college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/find-an-immigration-consultant .

On the CICC website, you will not only be able to corroborate the legality of your immigration representative, you would also be able to access their status. 

For instance, our director Rachal Sidhu is an active immigration practitioner with ICCRC license number R 527196. Upon searching her license number and name, one can easily confirm that she is an “active” member and is in good standing. It must be kept in mind that only RCICs with “active” status can provide immigration services legally.

Top 10 Immigration Consultants In India For Canada

Talent Connected Worldwide is among the top 10 immigration consultants in India for Canada. We have been dominating the Indian immigration industry for more than a decade now. Our director Rachel Sidhu, has been a CAPIC member (R 16157) and is an active RCIC (R 527196). We are immensely invested in our clients and never leave their side till they are successfully and safely settled in Canada. Being legally licensed by the CICC (The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.), we deliver our services to the best of our abilities and help you migrate to Canada from India without any legal compromises. 

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