Manitoba PNP Program Requirements | Complete Guide

Important Update: After November 16, 2022 , NOC 2021 with it’s 5-digit codes will be implemented. The IRCC and Provincial Government will use this new NOC system for all the immigration programs.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

What is Manitoba PNP ?

With an average individual income of C$25,100 and current shortage of staff in services due to Covid-19, Manitoba is one of the most preferred province with Manitoba PNP as the most popular immigration process. If you are looking to go to a place which offers varied work opportunities, high standard of living and a friendly community to live, then Manitoba province in Canada is that place. This province offers 3E- employment, entertainment and education options.

Along with being fairly straightforward, Manitoba PNP makes the task easier for applicants as the province one of the most preferred province . This gives both clarity and confidence to the applicants and makes the complete process hassle free.

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Immigrate to Manitoba Through 2 Pathways

If going to Manitoba is your dream, then you have two paths. The applicants can choose either of the two after checking out their details and requirements. The following are the two paths to go and settle in Manitoba:

Federal Path

This follows the Express Entry Program which entails making only one online profile where the applicants can choose the province of their interest, like Manitoba here. This will automatically forward their details to Manitoba immigration profile pool.

Provincial Path

This is a more direct program which ask the applicant to make a profile on Manitoba PNP website. After the profile is made and the required documents are submitted, the PNP score calculator gives the applicant score which determines their nomination.

Both the paths are good, but Manitoba PNP reduces the average time to 5-6 months, which can be further reduced if your score is on the higher side.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or Manitoba PNP is the name by which the provincial pathway is popularly known as. What really makes Manitoba PNP stand out is the multiple pathways it offers to the immigrants. This immigration process wants highly skilled workers to come to Manitoba and take care of the local population and provide their services. Along with this, the program also has an entry for students, in both higher studies and entrepreneurship. Manitoba PNP also promotes the business culture by inviting immigrants to do business here.

Keeping in line with this, it offers the following three immigration options:

Skilled Worker Stream
International Education Stream
Business Investor Stream

Manitoba PNP Program Requirements

The Manitoba PNP Latest Draw

As mentioned before, Manitoba PNP is very precise about it needs and therefore this program offers a very clear picture of its labor market and priorities. This  draw is the method by which it looks for required candidates among the IRCC’s Express Entry pool. These draws are conducted regularly with the  latest draw being conducted on May 5, 2022. This draw is conducted in three immigration streams- Skilled WorkersInternational Education Stream and Skilled Workers Overseas.

The following is the table of Manitoba PNP draw of last one year
Date of the Draw Skilled Workers

May 5, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 249
Minimum score: 651

April 22, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 201
Minimum score: 707

April 7, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 156
Minimum score: 739

March 24, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 102
Minimum score: 769

March 10, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 50
Minimum score: 781

February 24, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 206
Minimum score: 612

February 10, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 202
 Minimum score: 615

January 27, 2022

 Number of LAAs issued: 212
Minimum score: 609

January 13, 2022

Number of LAAs issued: 357
Minimum score: 459

International Education Stream Skilled Workers Overseas

Number of LAAs issued: 32

Number of LAAs issued: 34
Minimum score: 691

Number of LAAs issued: 41

Number of LAAs issued: 61
Minimum score: 708

Number of LAAs issued: 34

Number of LAAs issued: 33
Minimum score: 683

Number of LAAs issued: 25

Number of LAAs issued: 64
Minimum score: 712

Number of LAAs issued: 36

Number of LAAs issued: 34
Minimum score: 718

Number of LAAs issued: 33

Number of LAAs issued: 39
Minimum score: 685

Number of LAAs issued: 40

Number of LAAs issued: 31
Minimum score: 705

Number of LAAs issued: 34

Number of LAAs issued: 63
Minimum score: 703

Number of LAAs issued: 33

Number of LAAs issued: 53
Minimum score: 711

Manitoba PNP Eligibility Criteria

After becoming aware of the Manitoba PNP application program, the need arises to check the eligibility for the same. Yes, Manitoba PNP is a relatively easier immigration program but it follows strict rules and regulations. Manitoba, like any other province of Canada, has low population and therefore wants the immigrants to come and settle here. But the applicants also need to understand that it is a developed country and therefore has high standards for almost everything. And when it comes to letting foreigners into the country, Manitoba has a specific procedure which is followed diligently. The province also has zero tolerance policy towards frauds and those who try to make a way through a legal loophole. Therefore, it is imperative to know about the eligibility criteria of all the three entries in detail.

So, let’s know more about the Manitoba PNP eligibility criteria of all the three streams –

Category 1: Skilled Worker Stream

As the name suggests, this stream offers immigration pathways to those applicants who are skilled. Manitoba has an aging population and therefore there is always a huge demand for skilled workers. Canada offers wide socio-economic benefits and this creates a space for the highly skilled workforce. Further, the pandemic has enhanced this need even more. Skilled worker stream has further two divisions:

Skilled workers in Manitoba

The applicants who have an already existing connection to Manitoba can make the best use of this fact by applying under this entry. Check all the Manitoba PNP eligibility criteria of this stream along with other crucial details here.

Skilled workers overseas

This is another pathway to Manitoba which will allow immigrants to settle in Manitoba and offer their services. Read more to familiarise yourself with the complete application process and Manitoba PNP eligibility criteria.

Now that you are familiarised with the main three entries under international education stream, read all about all their eligibility criteria and other indispensable details here.

Category 2: International Education Stream

This immigration pathway keep the students at the centre of its approach. International education stream looks at the needs of labour market and allow the international graduates to fill them. This stream offers pathway to those international graduates who have completed their education from Manitoba educational institutions.

The following are the three sub-categories within it:

Career Employment pathway

If the applicant is a post-secondary student and wishes to have a long-term career in Manitoba, then this is the pathway for that applicant. Get to know all the important details of this program and make an informed decision.

Graduate Internship Pathway

Put your internship to the use and come to your dream province of Manitoba if you are a graduate. This pathway also has provision for those who don’t have a job offer.

Student Entrepreneur Pathway

This is the best pathway for those students who want to put their education to an innovative use and venture out in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

Category 3: Business Investor Stream

If someone wants to establish and expand business in Manitoba then business investor stream is for them. There are two pathways through which one can become a business investor in this province, Read here to know more about both these pathways.

Farm investor pathway

Manitoba features in the top 3 provinces of Canada where farm industry is particularly important. Also, the farm industry is highly mechanized and commercial here. If the above mentioned skilled workers stream and the international education stream do not suit you but you have fulfil the requirements of being a farm investor, then apply under this pathway.

Entrepreneur pathway

If you are someone who wants to build a new and fascinating life in business, then come to Manitoba under entrepreneur pathway. This stream allows you to grow both professionally and personally, while also contributing to the economy of Manitoba and Canada.

Details of Manitoba PNP IELTS Requirement

This PNP offers multiple immigration pathways which have their own set of specific eligibility criteria. However, there are some basic requirements along with Manitoba PNP IELTS requirement which are common to all and should be fulfilled. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing Exam. This test is to analyze the proficiency level of an applicant in that particular language. It is one of the most important eligibility criteria because it is essential for a person to be comfortable with the language of the land. No matter what immigration stream is followed by an applicant, being proficient in the language of the country is essential.

The following are the basic requirements of this program along with Manitoba PNP IELTS requirement:

Minimum 2 years work experience in any profession under National occupation Classification (NOC) skill level O, A or B.
Score minimum of 60 points out of 100 in Manitoba PNP point calculator.
Provide accurate and proper documents showing oneself as a resident of Manitoba province.
Submit a settlement plan demonstrating your intention to live in the province.
Score a minimum of 4.5 per band in IELTS to fulfil Manitoba PNP IELTS requirement.

Even though the Official IELTS requirement is 4.5, it is advised to have it minimum 5. It will give the applicant an edge among the other applicants.

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Manitoba PNP Processing Time And Fee

Knowing about the immigration process in detail is one aspect of the Canadian immigration process. Along with this, the applicant should also be well aware of the Manitoba PNP processing time and application fee. Unlike other immigration processes, Manitoba is quite efficient in its functioning and therefore the processing time is not very long.

Looking at the various immigration pathways to Manitoba, it is clear that the applicants are diverse. This diversity is in many terms like age, sex, education, family and socio-economic background. Therefore, it becomes important for the applicants to be aware of the processing time and fee.

The following are the stream-wise details of Manitoba PNP processing time and application fee:

Skilled worker in Manitoba

Processing time: 6 months
Application fee: CAD $500

International Education stream

Processing time: 6 months
Application fee: CAD $500, ( CAD $2,500 for International student Entrepreneur Pathway)

Business Investor Stream

Processing time: 6 months
Application time: CAD $2,500

FAQs about Manitoba PNP Program

Given the popularity of this pathway and the enthusiasm of people to come to Manitoba under this program, there are quite a few questions which are frequently asked. This article sufficiently answers these questions in much more detail. However, brief answers have been provided here too.

The following are some FAQs about Manitoba PNP program, which the applicants can read and bridge their knowledge gap:

How Do I Get a Provincial Nominee in Manitoba?

There are two ways to get this- federal way through Express Entry and provincial way through direct application for Manitoba province.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Manitoba PNP Program Nomination ?

It takes 6 months to get a Manitoba PNP Program Nomination.

Do I Need To Have Connection to the Province to Immigrate to Manitoba ?

Manitoba is the only province which gives high preference to the applicants who have some resident connection in Manitoba. So, if you have a connection, then go ahead and apply under it.

Do I Need a Lawyer or Consultant To Complete the Manitoba PNP Program Process?

Having a lawyer or consultant will simplify the process and reduce the chances of error. However, ensure that they are authentic and operate according to Manitoba PNP code of conduct. Beware of the immigration frauds.

Can I Still Apply to Manitoba PNP Program if I Have Been Refused Under an Immigration Program of Another Province?

Yes, but make the Manitoba PNP aware of your previous application and the results thereof, along with relevant copies.