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If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply for citizenship. However, you must meet the eligibility requirements for the same. For instance, you must have been living in Canada for the past 3 out of 5 years. There are other requirements to meet to gain Canadian citizenship as well, which we will briefly talk about in this blog.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a PR
  • Must have been living in Canada for the past 3 years (1,095 days) out of 5 years
  • They must prove their language proficiency skills- for those who are aged between 18-54 years; they require at least CLB/NCLC 4
  • Have filed taxes (for 3 out of 5 years), if they needed to
  • Must have passed the citizenship test- for those aged between 18-54 years of age, they must pass the citizenship test to obtain citizenship
  • Must take the citizenship oath- at the time of signing your citizenship application and when IRCC approves your application, if you are at least 14 years, you must attend the citizenship oath ceremony 

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How to Apply for Citizenship

Follow these steps to apply for Canadian citizenship:

Step 1- The very first step is to get an application package which will include the forms that you need to fill and submit. Moreover, it will include an instruction guide which, as the name suggests, helps you fill out the application. 

There are many kinds of application packages, so choose the one that fits your situation. 

  • An adult (for those of age 18 or older)
  • Parent or guardian who is applying for a minor 
  • Minor without a Canadian parent (must be applying alone)
  • An adult who served with the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Adoption by a Canadian citizen
  • Stateless person born to a Canadian parent

Step 2- Once you fill out the citizenship application, you must pay the required fees. If you are an adult (those aged either 18 or older) need to pay $630. On the other hand, a minor or a stateless person born to a Canadian parent needs to pay $100. 

Step 3- You must submit the application after making sure that you are eligible for the same on the day of submission. 

Step 4- Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will process the citizenship application in about 14 months. Though there are some cases where IRCC might process the application earlier. However, you must be eligible to get your application processed in an emergency. 

The 14-month long processing time includes the time it will take you to prepare for the citizenship test and take it. Moreover, it also includes the time it takes to attend a citizenship ceremony and take the oath. 

Canadian Citizenship Benefits

  • After you become a citizen of Canada, you are permitted to vote. 
  • Canadian citizens can apply to get a Canadian passport, using which they can travel to several countries and won’t even need a visa for that!
  • Run for political offices
  • If you are a Canadian citizen, your kids born in Canada will also get citizenship. 

Though Canadian permanent residents also enjoy a number of benefits, there are some perks that only citizens enjoy. So, your journey of Canada PR to citizenship becomes even better because then you can take advantage of these benefits! 

Canadian Citizenship Test

Taking a Canadian citizenship test is mandatory if you are aged between 18 – 54 years on the day you sign your application. Once you have submitted the citizenship application, IRCC will invite you to take the test. 

This test will have 20 questions, about the rights and responsibilities of citizens of Canada. Further, questions will also be based on the history, geography, government, laws, economy and symbols of Canada. 

A Canada citizenship test is 30 minutes long, and will be in English or French (according to the test taker). If you get 15 questions correct out of 20, you will pass the citizenship test. 

Canadian Citizenship Oath

After about 6 to 8 months of passing the citizenship test, you need to attend the Canadian citizenship ceremony. In this ceremony, you will take the Canadian citizenship oath, as well as get the Canada citizenship certificate.

In the Oath of Citizenship ceremony, the citizenship judge will say the oath in English and in French. Along with you, there will be others taking the oath as well. You need to repeat the oath after the judge in either official language. 

After the ceremony, you will become a Canadian citizen! 

What after getting Canadian Citizenship?

Once you get Canadian citizenship, you must apply for a Canadian passport. This will allow you to enter Canada as a citizen. After you get Canadian citizenship, you should apply for a Citizenship Certificate which is the proof of your citizenship. Then you can enjoy living in Canada as a citizen!

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