The Way to Apply for Canada Citizenship if Born Outside Canada

The Way to Apply for Canada Citizenship if Born Outside Canada

Did you know that children of Canadian citizens are also eligible to apply for Canada citizenship even if they were born outside of the country? Yes, it is possible! 

What is the necessity here? That at least one of your biological or legal parents, at the time of your birth, were a citizen of Canada. And, a few more requirements to fulfill along with that. 

You would need to submit a proof of Canadian citizenship to claim your right, along with your parent’s Canadian birth certificate. These are two important documents needed. 

Also, did you know that a Canada PR is the ticket to Canadian citizenship? Yes, it is! Anyways, let’s get back to the main topic.

Acquiring Canadian Citizenship if Your Parents were Citizens too

Would you get citizenship of Canada if you were not born in the country but your parents were Canadian citizens? Yes, you would!

The main thing about this is that the Government of Canada has restricted passing down of citizenship by descent to the first generation only. This means the grandparents cannot pass down their Canadian citizenship to their grandchildren, only parents can. 

But even to get this citizenship from the legal or biological parents, the applicant must first submit a “proof of Canadian citizenship” and parent’s Canadian birth certificate. 

Also, the children can apply for Canadian citizenship at any time, and it doesn’t even matter if their parents are around anymore or not. 

How to Apply? 

Don’t know how to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate? That’s okay, just download the application package. This application package is available on the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

As for the application package, its fee will cost you around $75 CAD. 

IRCC would ask you for a few things, such as- evidence to prove that your parent was a citizen, their birth certificate, their citizenship card and certificate too. 

The application for Canadian citizenship can be submitted on IRCC’s website. After its submission, the IRCC will send you an “acknowledgement of receipt”. Then, the process of reviewing and processing of the citizenship application will start. 

The processing times of the application depends on each individual case. So, if you wish to know the application’s status, just simply check it online. 

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