417 French-Speaking Skilled Workers Invited in New Ontario Draw

417 French-Speaking Skilled Workers Invited in New Ontario Draw

The new Ontario draw came out on 5th June, Monday, and the lowest ranking candidate scored 312 only. There were two rounds of draws and both targeted different occupations. In these draws, the French Skilled Workers stream was in focus. 

The first round of draws had its eye set on the tech, trades, and other priority occupations. In this range, the CRS cut off was between 348-487. A total of 139 invitations were sent out. Stay with us through the whole news to know further. 

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French Speaking Skilled Workers Invited- ONIP

Draw Date:- 5th June, 2023

NOIs:- 417

Stream:- French Speaking Skilled Workers

CRS Cut-off:- 312

There were two draws conducted, both targeting occupations that are currently in high demand in Ontario. 

The first round of draws targeted occupations such as trades, tech, and some other priority occupations. The CRS score range of this draw was between 348-487, meaning if your CRS score fell between this range, and your occupation was one of these priority occupations, then you must have received a notification of interest. 

As for the second round of draws conducted on the same day, total Notification of Interests issued were 278. Which occupations were the target of the second round of draws? The health, education and the finance occupations were the targets. CRS cut-off range was 312-487.

Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Ontario to verify the numbers.

417 French-Speaking Skilled Workers Invited in New Ontario Draw

After Receiving an NOI

So you have received a Notification of Interest? Do you know what this means? It means that the province is in need of you. There’s a demand of workers from your occupation in Ontario, and your CRS score met the cut-off range, that’s why you received this NOI. 

What should a candidate do once they have received an NOI? Since this time’s draws targeted the French Skilled Workers stream, the first thing that a candidate must do is check if they qualify or not. 

They can do so by checking out the eligibility criteria, and then ensure that they have all the necessary documents with them. Did you check the needed documents list? Do you have all the important documents available? Okay, then get ready for the next thing which is submitting an application. 

You would find a “submit an application” button on the Ontario Express Entry page, click on it. Since the existence of the button is quite self-explanatory, you understand that you would be submitting your application for further process. 

One important thing that you really need to keep in mind is that even if you meet all the eligibility criteria, it still does not guarantee you a notification of interest. Moreover, receiving a notification of interest does not mean that your application would be accepted or approved. 

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