Canada Citizenship Bill C-17 for Citizenship by Descent

On 23rd May 2024, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister, Marc Miller, announced a new bill to amend the existing Citizenship Act. The new amendment will help Canadian parents pass down their citizenship to their children, no matter where they are born. 

As of now, children born outside of Canada to Canadian parents, who were also born outside Canada, cannot gain citizenship by birth. Hence, it is quite disheartening for many parents in Canada because they are unable to pass down their citizenship to their children. The current Citizenship Act puts a first-generation limit to citizenship by descent, however, “An Act to amend the Citizenship Act” (Bill C-17) is set to change these conditions. 

The new bill will allow Canadian parents, born outside or in Canada, to pass down their citizenship to their children, even if the child is not born in Canada. 

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Moreover, the Bill, if passed, will also “extend automatic citizenship to anyone who is born outside the country to a Canadian parent before the legislation comes into force.”

The amendment “… will restore citizenship to those we call lost Canadians…”

“Lost Canadians” refers to individuals who never got the chance to receive citizenship by descent because of the outdated laws. 

The general requirement would be that the Canadian parents must have been living in Canada for at least 1,095 days (3 years) before their child is born or adopted. The Canadian parent must be able to demonstrate a substantial connection to Canada in order to pass down their citizenship. 

Further requirements and how the whole process would work will be known if the bill is passed. Stay in touch with us to get the latest information on how the Bill C-17 progresses. 

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