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Canada has become a perfect choice for immigrants because of its vibrant environment, higher education system and various job opportunities. There are various pathways available for candidates who want to get Canada PR. Some of the top ones are Express Entry, Provincial Nominee programs and many others. Moreover, due to the number of immigrants increasing, the number of fake Canada PR consultants is also increasing. When you are planning to hire an immigration consultant, it is better for you to go through their website thoroughly to avoid getting scammed. 

How to Check the Fake Canada PR Consultants Website? 

Due to the increasing number of immigrants, the number of immigration consultants has been on the rise for the past several years. That has led to more fraudsters in this industry. Let’s discuss the ways to check that Canada PR consultants website is fake. 

Checking the legal credentials of immigration consultants is the first step in the screening process. The Canadian government or the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) must grant licenses to qualified consultants. By going to the CICC portal and looking up the consultant’s name or registration number, you may quickly confirm this information. A red signal pointing to possible fraud is present if a consultant is not listed on the CICC site or does not have the required licensing.

2. Verify the Contact Information on the Website

Reputable immigration consultants have the guts to list their contact details on their websites with precision and verifiability. A physical address, phone number, and email address are all part of this. Make the effort to confirm a consultant’s contact information before interacting with them. You can accomplish this by using online directories, official government websites, or a straightforward internet search to cross-check the data they present on their website. Proceed carefully if the contact information seems to be fake or non-existent. 

3. Make False Promises and Guaranteed Immigration

A fraud immigration consultant will give false promises and also guarantee you that they will immigrate you to Canada quickly. Genuine immigration consultants know how complicated the immigration process can be. So, candidates should not trust the websites that ensure 100% success in their immigration. 

4. Poor Website Content 

A genuine immigration consultant will have knowledge about immigration laws and regulations and make sure the right information is there on their website. Whereas, on the fake consultant website the content will be very poor and will not contain the right information. A reputable website will have the proper layout in its content. 

5. Go Through their Reviews and Testimonials 

It is very important to go through the reviews and the testimonials because consultants who look too amazing and have higher ratings should be ignored. The fraud consultant will make up the fake testimonials and reviews. 

7. Look for the Payment Methods 

It is officially announced by the IRCC that the payments will be only done for the Canadian immigration process. You can get information related to Canada immigration free of cost from immigration consultants. They have proper knowledge and expertise for immigration laws and regulations. 

8. Unsubscribed Emails 

If you get an immigration website link through mail from a stranger whose email recipient you have not asked for, then they are most likely to be fake. The fraudsters will try to scam you by sending you emails in bulk. So, cross-check the information on the websites, to check whether it’s fake or not. 

Now, you know how you can differentiate between the fake and the genuine consultants. So, go through the above steps while hiring an immigration consultant to avoid getting your time and money going to waste. 

Applying for Canada PR is a very delicate process, one small mistake can delay your process or will lead towards your application rejection. So, hire the best immigration consultant near you. 

About Talent Connected Worldwide 

Talent Connected Worldwide is a Canada-based immigration company with offices in India and has 15+ years of experience in this field. We provide legal and premium Canada immigration services. Over 23,000+ clients are happy with our services. TCWW is also awarded as the “Best Immigration Company in India 2022-2023” and also has been CICC-licensed.

Services We Provide: 

  • Job Assistance 
  • IELTS Training 
  • Spousal Visa and Family Sponsorship 
  • Permanent Residence (PR) 
  • Pre-Departure Guidance 
  • Post-Arrival Support 
  • Business and Investor Visa 
  • Documentation 

Other than the above visas there are many visas that you can apply for with the help of TCWW. Also, we have a team of experts who have gained experience in international education and have guided thousands of students in their study abroad journey. Whether it’s about university search or providing study permits, TCWW is here to help you. We will write the SOP(Statement of Purpose) for you and provide you with accommodation services, off and on-campuses. 

How to check if an immigration agency is legit in Canada? 

To check if an immigration agency is legit in Canada or not. You should search for their credentials on the official website of CICC. If that company is legal it will be Canadian government-authorized. Before applying you should make sure that they are licensed and active. Firstly, click on “Find an Immigration Consultant”, then enter the name of the consultant and find whether they are CICC-licensed or not. 

Can I apply for Canada PR on my own?

The answer to this question is yes, you can apply for Canada PR on your own. However, it is a very complicated process and doing it on your own will be stressful for you. So, it is better to take help from the best immigration consultant in your area. They will do this process for you. 

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