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Choosing the right immigration consultant is no easy feat. if you don’t know which qualities you should look for in a consultant, you won’t be able to identify if you get in touch with a fraud. Since there are plenty of immigration consultants in Delhi, you shouldn’t trust one without careful consideration. 

When deciding which consultant is right for you, verify their credentials, look for their presence on various platforms, research their experience, etc. Most importantly, an immigration consultant should be CICC-licensed. 

Yes, Talent Connected Worldwide (TCWW) is licensed by College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). 

Who are we?

TCWW is a Canada-based, award-winning, CICC-approved, immigration consultancy. In simple words:

  • Our headquarters is in Toronto, Canada, while our other offices are in India
  • We won the “Best Immigration Consultancy in India 2022 – 2023” award
  • We are recognized by the consultants regulatory body of Canada, meaning we are qualified to handle your case. 

TCWW has over 15 years of experience in the field of immigration and over the years, we have helped thousands of people in elevating their life to the next level. Based on our experience and acumen in this field, we are known among the best immigration consultants not only in Delhi but also across India. 

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Where are we located?

Talent Connected Worldwide is located in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, and in India. 

Our corporate headquarters is at:

120 Matheson Blvd. East, Unit 203 Mississauga, ON L4Z1X1, Canada 647505 TCWW (8299)

Our India offices are located at:

  1. India Office

S-1, Unit No 8 & 11, E-Block, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019

  1. India Office

The Corenthum Tower- Block A, 2nd Floor, TOWER-B,  

Noida, Sector-62, Near Noida Electronic City, 

Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 201301 

Why is TCWW the best?

Our best feature remains being approved by the CICC. You may find any other immigration consultant to perform similar tasks as us, but are they qualified like us? If an immigration consultant is not qualified by the right regulatory authorities, they may not be legitimate. 

Another reason why you should choose us is for our transparency. TCWW is famous for maintaining transparency throughout the process. We keep you abreast with everything that’s going on with your case. Moreover, your information and documents remain safe with us while we fill out your application. 

Talent Connected Worldwide will help your case out no matter which immigration program you are applying through. 

Why Choose Us?

One of the biggest reasons why you should choose us is because we are not just any immigration consultant, we are recognized by the government of Canada. Very few immigration consultancies are recognized by CICC.

By registering with us, you get in touch with a team of legit experts, who hold years of experience and are certified to do their job. Have immigration-related queries? No worries, come to us. 

TCWW is known to be among the top immigration consultancies in India because of our expertise and honesty. We keep our clients up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the immigration industry so that any changes in laws do not affect your case. 

At TCWW, we offer the following services:

By contacting an immigration consultant, you are basically saving yourself the trouble of going through the complicated process. 

A Canadian PR consultant will surely simplify the immigration process for you, which in turn saves you time. With their help, the process of immigration becomes less stressful and less time-taken. With their years of experience and knowledge, a Canadian PR consultant is better equipped to expedite the process. This saves you time and you can smoothly sail through the immigration process. 

Why do Delhiites Choose Canada?

People of Delhi crave fresh air and open spaces to breathe freely. Canada is the second largest country in the world and one of the least populated places. There’s less population and less pollution in Canada, making it one of the best places to immigrate for people of Delhi. 

There’s less crime, more job opportunities, and a more diverse and inclusive society in Canada. Permanent residents of Canada receive free healthcare insurance and education for their kids. 

These reasons and more make it the perfect place to immigrate to. 

When it comes to immigration, you are going to need to carefully choose the right consultant so you don’t regret it later. 

Getting stuck with the wrong consultant can mean you lose your hard-earned money. A fake immigration consultant will use your information for the wrong purposes and may even blackmail you because of the same. 

Verify Us

You can verify our credentials online by visiting our website and checking out our social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, X, etc. 

Most importantly, check our credentials at the CICC portal. Our Managing Director, Devdatt Dhariyal, and our co-founder, Rachal Sidhu, are both listed on the CICC portal. Rachal Sidhu is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC R 16157) and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC R527196). On the other hand, Devdatt Dhariyal is the agent of the representative.

Follow these steps to verify Canadian Government Authorised Consultants.

Step1. Go to the official website of “CICC” 

Step 2. Click on “Find an Immigration Consultant” and you will be redirected to CICC portal where you can verify an RCIC or RISIA.

Step 3. In the “First Name Contains” field, enter “Rachal” and hit the “Find” button.

Step 4. After that, under the “View Profile“, click on “Select“.


Step 5. Now, click on “Licensee Details“.



You don’t usually find two prominent members of an immigration consultancy listed on the CICC portal. Hence, choosing us will only benefit you.

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