NOC code 2173

NOC code 2173: chance to get job as software engineer in Canada!

NOC code 2173 used to be primarily for Software Engineers and Designers according to the 2016 version of NOC. But then it was split into two separate NOC codes, which are NOC 21231 and NOC 21221. 

21231 is still for Software Engineers and Designers, while 21221 is for Business Systems Specialists. We will discuss these NOC in detail below. 

Due to the huge demand for workers in this industry, the government of Canada is actively inviting eligible candidates via different immigration routes. The latest easiest route would be getting an invitation under Express Entry Category-based selection draws. If you are looking for a job in Canada as of now, the country is hiring candidates under this NOC and you could go for a Canadian work visa to secure a job! 

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In-Short Job Description of Software Engineers and Designers: NOC Code 21231 

The job of a software engineer and designer is to design, research, evaluate, integrate, as well as maintain software applications, operating systems, information warehouses, technical environments, telecommunications software, and embedded software. 

Software engineers and designers are hired by information technology research and development firms, information technology consulting firms, and information technology units. They could be self-employed or find a job in the public sector or private sector. 

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Main Job Duties Software Engineers and Designers Perform: 

  • They research, synthesize, and evaluate technical information to develop, design, and test computer-based systems, which also include mobile applications. 
  • They also design, plan, and then coordinate the installation, development, integration, and operation of computer-based systems, including mobile applications. 
  • What the users require is collected and documented to develop physical and logical specifications. 
  • They also process data, develop it and network models so that they could optimize architecture and evaluate designs’ reliability and performance. 
  • They might lead teams of information systems professionals as well as coordinate with them. This helps in the development of software and integrated information systems, processing of control software as well as other embedded software control systems. 
  • Assessing, testing, documenting, troubleshooting, upgrading, and development of maintenance procedures for communications environments, operating systems, and applications software is done by them. 

Employment Requirements for a Software Engineer & Designer Job: 

  • Want to get a job as a software engineer and designer? Then you should at least have a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering, computer science, mathematics, or software engineering. 
  • You could also have completed a college program in computer science. 
  • Some employers may ask you to have a master’s or a doctoral degree in a related field. 
  • You may have some experience as a computer programmer. 
  • Engineers could get registration after graduation from an accredited educational program; 3-4 years of supervised experience in engineering; and have completed a professional practice examination. 
  • In order to get approval on engineering drawings and reports and if you want to practice as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), then you need to get licensed by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers. 

Job Positions: 

Application ArchitectSite Reliability Engineer
Automation Engineer – SoftwareSoftware And Information Technology Project Manager
Backend EngineerSoftware Architect
Cloud AdministratorSoftware Design Engineer
Cloud ArchitectSoftware Design Project Manager
Cloud EngineerSoftware Design Supervisor
Cloud Infrastructure EngineerSoftware Design Verification Engineer
Cloud Operations EngineerSoftware Designer
Computer Applications EngineerSoftware Development Engineer
Computer Software EngineerSoftware Engineer
Computer Systems Platform Engineer – SoftwareSoftware Engineering Lead
Computer Telecommunications Software SpecialistSoftware Project Manager
Development And Operations (DevOps) EngineerSoftware Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
Embedded Software DesignerSoftware Systems Designer
Embedded Software EngineerSoftware Systems Integration Engineer
Lead Development And Operations (DevOps) EngineerSoftware Technical Architect
Lead Software EngineerTest Automation Engineer – Software
Mobile Development LeadSoftware Testing Engineer
Simulation Software Design EngineerSystems Applications Engineer
Systems ArchitectSystems Engineer – Software
Telecommunications Software EngineerTelecommunications Software Specialist
20012- Computer and Information Systems Managers21222- Information Systems Specialists
21311- Computer Engineers22222- Information Systems Testing Technicians
21230- Computer Systems Developers and Programmers21232- Software Developers and Programmers
21223- Database Analysts and Data Administrators21233- Web Designers
21310- Electrical and Electronics Engineers21234- Web Developers and Programmers

Job Description of Data Systems Specialists: NOC Code 21221 

The work of a Data Systems Specialist is to carry out in depth system tests, develop new system architectures, and also produce reports. They identify the company’s strategic objectives and then translate those aims into smaller achievable tasks for the IT department. 

Information technology consulting firms, and information technology units in both private and public sectors hire data systems specialists. 

Main Job Duties Data Systems Specialists Perform:

  • They have to analyze information systems processes, and come up with customized solutions so they could improve performance and efficiency. 
  • They also provide suggestions and advice on information systems policy, strategy, management, security as well as service delivery. 
  • Data systems specialists need to develop, design, integrate, test, and implement information systems business solutions. 
  • They confer with clients to better understand their document requirements. 
  • They also act as a liaison between technology teams, business units, and support teams. 
  • Moreover, they need to conduct tests to make sure that the system changes and enhancements are reliable, accurate, and functioning. 

Employment Requirements for a Data Systems Specialist Job: 

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, business administration, or in a related field. 
  • Some employers may ask you to have a certificate or some training in a related field.

Job Positions

Business Analyst – Computer Systems20012- Computer and Information Systems Managers
Business Continuity Analyst21220- Cyber Security Specialists
Business Data Analyst21223- Database Analysts and Data Administrators
Business Intelligence Analyst – Information Technology (IT)21222- Information Systems Specialists
Business Intelligence Specialist11201- Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting
Business Process Analyst
Business Solutions Consultant
Business Systems Analyst
Business Systems Consultant
Business Systems Specialist – Computer Systems
Computer Systems Business Analyst
Enterprise Resource Planning Analyst
Functional Consultant – Information Systems
Human Resource Information System Analyst
Informatics Business Analyst
Information Systems Implementation Consultant
Information Systems Business Analyst
Information Systems Technical Analyst
Information Systems Technical Specialist
Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst
Systems Business Re-Engineering Analyst
Technical Business Analyst

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How much is a 21231 NOC salary in Canada?

A Software Engineer and Designer can earn up to $91,000 in a year. 

What is a NOC 21231 job description?

Jobs under 21231 NOC have a wide range of responsibilities related to information technology.

Is there a demand for 21231 NOC code? 

Yes, Canada is actively hiring STEM workers to bring growth to its tech industry and fill the labor force gap.

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