Prince Edward Island PNP Draw Schedule For 2022

Prince Edward Island PNP Draw Schedule

Canada is one of the most popular countries for aspiring immigrants. Canada invites thousands of immigrants to stay, work and study every year. This beautiful country is one of the most trusted hubs for immigrants from all around the world. There are several pathways and programs through which one can get Canada PR, Express Entry being the most popular. The second most popular Canadian immigration pathway is PNP. The PNP stands for Provincial Nominee Program. Each and every Canadian province has the authority to nominate a few immigrants to settle and provide economic advantage. Prince Edward Island is one of the 10 Canadian provinces that nominates thousands of immigrants. There are several streams through which one can apply for the PEI PNP. Every year, the Prince Edward Island PNP draws are held, and applicants most suitable for the requirement of the province get nominated. In this blog, I will elaborate on the requirements, eligibility criteria, streams, and the Prince Edward Island PNP draws. 

Prince Edward Island PNP draw

Like other Canadian provinces, Prince Edward Island also conducts PNP draws regularly. The latest PNP draw was held on the 21st of July 2022, and 165 applicants were invited. The PEI PNP was launched in the year 2001. The main motive of the launch was to attract immigrants as much as possible. Immigrants are helpful to the economy as they provide a workforce for the industries and the government. Each province needs a certain type of immigrant work force. Applicants who fulfill and satisfy these requirements get nominated. The PEI PNP has three streams. One of them is aligned with the federal Express Entry and the other two are controlled by the PEI authorities. These streams are-

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labour impact stream
  • Business impact stream

PEI PNP Express Entry is aligned with the federal Express Entry. You need to have enough CRS score and specific work experience to get into the Prince Edward Island PNP draw. For this, you should have an express entry profile, and for creating a profile you must be eligible under any of the programs out of FSWP, FSTP, and CEC.

Labor impact stream– it is divided into three sub-streams. You must be eligible for any of these streams to get qualified under this stream. These substreams are:-

  • Skilled worker stream
  • Critical worker stream
  • International graduate stream

Business impact stream:- this stream is for those individuals who are planning to acquire or start a business in the province.

These are a few of the streams through which can get entry into the Prince Edward Island PNP draw.

PEI draw dates

The above table showcases the PEI draw dates from AUG 19 2021 TO JULY 21 2022. As you can see the invites were issued as per the stream. Near about from August to this July, about 1812 applicants were nominated in the Prince Edward Island PNP draw. You might have observed that the draws happen every month.

PEI draw result

Prince Edward Island PNP draw results are shown in the table above. You can see the difference in the numbers. From the business impact stream, the number of invitations is quite low. In other streams, the numbers are quite high. As compared to Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia, the number is quite low but as per the requirement, PEI PNP is a great choice.

PEI draw

Prince Edward Island PNP draw was started back in 2001. During the initial years PEI used to invite only few of the applicants that is not more than 200. In present scenario the numbers jumped exponentially, every year right now PEI invites near about 2000 applicants.

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