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Saskatchewan is one of the popular provinces of Canada. Every year, Saskatchewan invites thousands of immigrants to settle down in the province. According to reports, Saskatchewan is one of the easy provinces to get the nomination. Canada immigration Saskatchewan is quite easier than in most of the other provinces. In this blog, we will tell you the best way to Canada immigration Saskatchewan with the help of the best immigration consultant. Canadian immigration takes a bit of time, an authorized consultant can help you in improving your chances of getting the nomination.

Canada immigration Saskatchewan

Immigration is quite popular in Canada. With one of the highest immigrant populations and a plethora of opportunities to offer, Canada stands at the top. Canada immigration Saskatchewan is quite popular. A simple standard of living, job opportunities, and various streams make Saskatchewan one of the most popular provinces for Canadian immigration. In the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), there are a number of streams through which one can get the nomination. These subcategories are divided into two parts one is aligned with Express Entry and the other is totally administered by Saskatchewan’s government.

To know more about the process you need to understand Saskatchewan better. The section below will tell you about life in Saskatchewan.

Know about Saskatchewan life

Canada immigration Saskatchewan is quite popular because of the attributes the province holds. The province was among the first provinces to take revolutionary measures in the direction of healthcare. It has one of the best healthcare systems and living standards. Employment in Saskatchewan for immigrants is quite high. According to some reports, immigrants settled in Saskatchewan have the highest employment. Saskatchewan is kind of agriculture centric so there are specific pathways for truck drivers. With a high standard of living and low housing costs, it is one of the favorite destinations for immigrants. There are a lot of other attributes of Saskatchewan life.

PNP with the help of a Saskatchewan immigration consultant

A Saskatchewan Immigration consultant is the one who is authorized to represent immigrants in their Canada PR application. For Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), a representative can be paid or unpaid. The following representatives are accepted:

  • a close family relative or acquaintance 
  • a Canadian lawyer who is in good standing with a provincial law society, or
  • a consultant who is licensed in Saskatchewan to provide immigration services to immigrants.

There are different programs for Canada PR and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of them. In PNP, different provinces nominate the applicants to settle there and contribute to their economies. Every year, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan also does the same to fulfill the economic or workforce requirements. Sometimes consultants help you by advising and guiding you with the ways to increase your chances of getting the nomination. Consultants help you with various other things such as helping you know the legal way and making you familiar with the city and the guidelines. They keep you up to date with the changes and the events that happened or going to happen in the immigration process.

Saskatchewan immigration process

Saskatchewan immigration process can only be done through SINP.  For Canadian immigration Saskatchewan, there are two categories one is the enhanced category which is aligned with federal Express Entry other is the basic sub-category, which is totally under Saskatchewan. 

There are a total number of three categories but before applying you need to submit an EOI (Expression Of Interest). After EOI you will be allowed to fill out the application for the SINP. There are three categories:-

  • International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Entrepreneurs and Farm

 If you are eligible under any of these streams you will get the nomination. However, there are certain needs one should fulfill for being eligible for any one of these streams. Immigrants are often assessed over their language proficiency, work experience, education qualification, and job offer. These are some of the needs one should satisfy for getting the nomination too. Each one of these subcategories has its specific criteria for being eligible. International Skilled Worker is aligned with federal Express Entry, which means one should have high CRS points to get eligible for the nomination.

Canada immigration consultant license

There is a huge number of fraud cases in the field of immigration. You might have heard about how a number of people get conned by fake consultants. To clear one thing we must mention that there is no shortcut to getting the PR. For legal immigration, one must accurately and patiently follow all steps. Canadian Immigration to Saskatchewan although relatively easy, must not be taken lightly. To tackle these frauds one should do a background check of their own consultant or of the firm. You must double-check whether they hold the Canada immigration consultant license. For being the legal and rightful consultant your representative should fulfill any one of these criteria:

  • The consultant should be a member of the college of immigration and citizenship
  • Lawyers should be the member of the Canadian provincial or territorial law society
  • Paralegals should be the member of the law society Ontario (specifically for Ontario)
Get help from genuine Canada immigration consultants

Genuine Canada immigration consultants will help you a lot. They are ICCRC/CICC authorized so they will help you legally. Legal help is worth your money and time. You can check online, there are a number of legal immigration consultants. Even if the process is lengthy and will take your time, it will benefit you in the longer run. A shortcut will only lead you to trouble. Canada immigration Saskatchewan will be a lot better if you will contact a genuine authorized consultant.

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