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We are sure anyone who is traveling to another country for the first time would be a little lost for the first time. It can be hard to choose from the long list of souvenirs as to which one will be best for you. No worries, you have come to the right place. This blog will provide you with a list of what are the best things to buy in Canada, along with their description.

It will also tell you why you need souvenirs when you are visiting Canada. Moreover, along the way, we will be mentioning a lot of fun facts and interesting points regarding the best things to buy in Canada.

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Why Should You Buy Souvenirs From Canada?

You should buy Souvenirs because they remind us of the beautiful time we spent in that particular place, and how much joy it brought to us. Hence, it, is important to buy souvenirs, no matter which places you are visiting. There are, obviously, not one but many various kinds of things one can buy as a souvenir.

Canada is a country immersed in its rich history of indigenous people, along with the brilliant spectacular nature surrounding it. There are many reasons for tourists to buy things from Canada. The kind of diversity found in Canada’s society is not found easily. Furthermore, Canada is one of the best countries to visit just for the tourist attractions available there. 

Even after visiting this enchanting country you did not buy anything, then we are sorry to say that it’s truly your loss only.

Top 10 Best Things to Buy in Canada

Here is the list of 10 Best Things to Buy in Canada:

1. Maple Syrup
2. Canadian Ice Wine
3. Nanaimo Bars
4. Flag Pin
5. Canadian Diamonds but make them Ethically Sourced
6. Stuffed Toys
7. Maple Leaf Apparel
8. Steak Seasoning
9. Canada’s Aboriginal Art
10. Sports Gear

1. Maple Syrup:

What is Canada known for the most? It’s the maple syrup. Maple syrup has become so famous that it is now even found outside Canada, and is available for consumption in many countries globally. The leaf of a maple tree has been seen as one of the most prominent symbols of Canada too.

2. Canadian Ice Wine:

Did you know that Canada is the world’s largest producer of ice wine? Thus, this pressures wine enthusiasts to go for the best ice wine producers in the country and grab a bottle!

3. Nanaimo Bars:

For those with a sweet tooth, Nanaimo bars might be the perfect gift for you! These delicious treats are made up of three different layers of coconut-graham base, custard, and then chocolate ganache to finish it off. 

4. Flag Pin:

 Buying a Canadian flag pin to remind yourself of the trip to the country can be a nice gift. The flag pin is sure to remind you of all the things you did while visiting Canada, and how much fun you had.

5. Canadian Diamonds but make them Ethically Sourced:

The Canadian diamond mines throughout the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Quebec, supply these amazing souvenirs. In addition, these bedazzling jewels are one of the most ethically sourced diamonds in the world. Now, isn’t that just wonderful?!

6. Stuffed Toys:

One of the best gifts to buy in Canada as a souvenir would be to buy, for instance, a stuffed moose or a stuffed beaver toy. No one can deny a cute-looking stuffed animal. Besides, if you are with kids, you are sure to win their love along with respect!

7. Maple Leaf Apparel:

What better way to remind yourself of Canada than purchasing a t-shirt with the image of a maple leaf on it? These T-shirts never go out of style, also, they are quite fashionable too. Furthermore, these t-shirts are, certainly, easy to find in any market in Canada. What’s more, is that they are quite cheap! 

8. Steak Seasoning:

The famous steak seasoning of Montreal is sure to make anyone reminisce about the fact that they went to Canada. Even after coming home, you can just use this seasoning, and forget yourself in the Canadian taste.

9. Canada’s Aboriginal Art:

For art enthusiasts, Canada might be one of the best places for you! Canada’s art history goes back to more than 5,000 years ago. However, the Aboriginal people of Canada are known to exist since more than 80,000 or 12,000 years ago. Even if you cannot buy the authentic aboriginal piece of art, there’s always a chance to buy copies.

10. Sports Gear:

Another thing Canada is famous for is its sports gear! Canadians love their sports and, evidently, so there are lots of sports gear available for purchase as a souvenir. It could be hockey sticks, sports jerseys, or other things. The options are numerous!

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