Canada Visit Visa Process From India 2024


Every year lakhs of people immigrate to Canada from all over the world. But before immigrating to Canada it is important to know the whole process from base to top. In this blog, we are going to cover the immigration process from India. The Canada visit visa process from India involves several steps that permit foreign individuals to enter and travel to Canada.

On the other hand, a Canada visit visa is also known as a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV. It is a legal document that showcases that the aspirant (either student, worker, or visitor) is eligible to enter Canada as a temporary resident. Let us know more about the Canada visit visa process below. 

Canada Visit Visa Process From India

Canada visits visa process from India includes several steps such as applying online application, providing biometrics & documents and submitting fees, etc. Let us understand the Visit Visa process in detail below.

1. Know Your Eligibility 

To apply for a visit visa from India, you must check your eligibility. This can include your age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and marital status. On the other hand, this can also include your travel history, criminal record, and even medical reports. 

2. Collect Your Documents

After checking your eligibility, you will need to collect the documents that are required for a Visit Visa application. This can include your valid passport, passport-size photographs, proof of funds, IMM 5645, etc. 

3. Fill Your Application 

When you have it all handy then must fill out your online application. Make sure to fill in all information accurately and upload the required documents in proper format. This makes your application process faster. 

4. Provide Biometrics

Due to the latest processing system, you will be required to provide fingerprints and photos. On the other hand, this can cost an additional CAD 85. Otherwise, your application can be delayed. 

5. Submit Visa Fees 

After going through the application process thoroughly, you will need to submit the Canada Visit Visa fee which is CAD 100 (around INR 6,300). 

6. Application Processing

When you have done everything, now sit back and relax. Let the authorities process your visa application. The processing time of Canada visit visa can vary depending on the complexity of your application. However, both Single Entry and Multiple Entry Visa take around 8 to 40 days to process. 

7. Visa Appointment

After visa processing, you may be required to make an appointment for a visa interview where you will be asked simple questions about your purpose for visiting the country. Hence, if you pass it then you will be able to fly to Canada. 

8. Get Your Visit Visa

After getting your Canada Visit Visa, you can fly to Canada. However, you must keep Visit Visa or TRV guidelines in mind. 

Summing up, now you know everything about the visit visa process from India. Yet, make sure to check our website, Talent Connected Worldwide for all the latest updates and news! Our team of experts holds 15+ years of experience in helping thousands of clients get their Canada PR and all kinds of visas! Our vision is dedicated to transforming your dreams into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to get a visitor visa for Canada from India?

ANS: It will take 8 to 40 days to process a visitor visa for Canada from India. 

2. How much bank balance is required for a Canada visitor visa?

ANS: A minimum bank balance of CAD 10,000 is required for a Canada visitor visa. 

3. How to get a 100% Canada tourist visa?

ANS: If you want to get your Canada tourist visa process successfully then it is required to follow the process carefully and consult an immigration expert.

4. How can I get a Canada visa from India?

ANS: Get in touch with Talent Connected Worldwide, CICC-authorized immigration experts with 15+ years of experience to get your Canada visa from India.

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