Top Reasons for Refusal of Canada Express Entry Application


If you are dreaming of permanently moving to Canada and have been granted an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident status then you must be aware of the reasons that can lead to your application being rejected.

In this blog, you get to know what are the major reasons for the refusal of a Canada Express Entry application. There are many reasons to find an Express Entry invalid and rejected. Here, we will discuss the top reasons why and what is essential to do at the time of Express Entry application to save yourself from rejection of the Express Entry application.

About the Express Entry Program:

Express Entry launched on 1 January 2015 is the fastest and easiest immigration system used by the Canadian Government to manage Canadian permanent residence applications.

By the Express Entry system, an individual can easily get permanent residency in Canada, whereas they need to apply for Express Entry and submit their application.

An Application for Express Entry is processed within 6 months or less and all the applications are processed under the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) which checks the eligibility of applicants based on its criteria and if any of these criteria fails the application gets rejected.

Top Reasons for Refusal of Canada Express Entry Application

  1. Fail to provide Eligibility Requirement details:- If a candidate does not meet the eligibility requirements, their application will be refused. In this, some eligibility questions will be asked like:
  • Your Nationality
  • Your age
  • Your language ability
  • Your family members
  • Your education
  • Your work experience
  • Your available funds
  • Your details on any job offer

If you provide an accurate answer to these questions then only you become eligible for the Express Entry immigration program. Therefore, try to be as precise as you can to get selected for immigration.

If you miss any requirements as needed for the Express Entry PR application lead to the cancellation of your Express Entry application.

  1. Background and Security check:– In this, the IRCC checks the applicant’s background verifies the criminal records, and does a security background check to ensure that they are safe and eligible for Canada permanent residence or not.
  1. False and incomplete information:- An application leads to refusal, If the applicants provide wrong information or leave any information blank, it may include their personal details, educational qualifications, working experience, and other relevant information.
  1. Medical and Health Issues:- According to, section 29 (R29) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, applicants undergo a medical assessment and checkup in an Express Entry application process and are required to submit necessary medical documents. If they are found medically inadmissible then their application gets rejected.
  1. Fail to submit ECA (Educational Credential Assessment):- Educational Credential Assessment is a report required for immigration purposes used to verify educational and proof of credentials to match the equivalency with the Canadian education system.
  1. Missing Document:- In the immigration process, many documents are required to submit like
  • Proof of funds
  • Passport or travel documents 
  • Language test results 
  • Proof of work experience 
  • Police Clearance Certificate (Applicants must submit a scanned and colored copy of their original PCC)
  • Digital photos to confirm their identity
  • Relationship proofs 
  • Other required documents

It leads to a cancellation of the Express Entry Application, If applicants fail to submit and prove any of these documents 

  1. Fail to Qualify Language Test Result:- An applicant needs to prove their English or French language ability and provide their language test result at the time of the application process. They should acquire at least a minimum score to be eligible for Express Entry. Language results should not be more than 2 years old, if found 2 years old results at the time of applying, the Canadian Immigration Officer refuse the application.
  1. Fail to submit the complete PR application within the required time:–  At the time of applying for express entry, an applicant gets 60 days to submit their police clearance certificate, proof of funds, medical certificates, and others and they must submit their certificates and documents within that time limit otherwise their application can get rejected by the Canadian Immigration officers.
  1. Fail to fulfill proof of funds requirement criteria:- An applicants need to provide the minimum amount of money required for Canada immigration and it should be more than CAN$10,000 while submitting the proof of funds documents at the time of the express entry program. Along with that, they need to submit official letters from any banks or financial institutions of the bank as proof.
  1. Expired Documents:- If an official finds submitting expired documents then it leads to the cancellation of their Express Entry Application. Therefore take time to properly review your documents before submitting them otherwise you may need to apply for an application again.

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