Which are the top cities to find jobs in Ontario?

Top Cities to Find Jobs in Ontario

In 2007, Ontario introduced the Ontario Immigration Nomination Program (OINP). Basically, this program was started with the motive to support the labor, financial, and economic needs of the province. During the initial days, Ontario was only allowed to invite 1000 immigrants and currently, Ontario invites nearly 8000 immigrants every year. Ontario is the province with two of the largest cities in Canada, Toronto and Ottawa. It is also considered one of the favorite destinations for immigrants. In this article, we will discuss the jobs in Ontario province for immigrants.

Jobs in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most well-known provinces for immigrants. In this section, we will tell how you can get jobs in Ontario. To grab your dream job, one needs to keep the following things in mind :

  • Good resume- one should have a good resume to get better job opportunities. There are several NOC codes in which an applicant can apply for the jobs, but you should have the relevant skills. A good resume can get you a job in Ontario, and help you build your resume by mentioning years of work experience, your skills, and the firm you had worked with. As we all know there is a need for a workforce, if your skill set matches up with the requirement of the jobs in Ontario then you can easily land a job. There are several big cities in Ontario with thousands of job opportunities, all you need is a good resume.
  • Online network- online job banks, LinkedIn profiles and many other online platforms notify you or show you the details related to jobs. If you have a good connection and profile you can even get the job even before reaching Ontario. Several big firms in Ontario post several vacancies online. If you will thoroughly search these websites, you can easily get the job of your choice in Ontario. One can look for the post, and interview for jobs in Ontario all the way from India.
  • References- references are very important if you are migrating somewhere. then you need to build the contact. If you have good references you can easily get the job in some of the specific fields. One needs to build contact to get to know about the job. People having jobs in Ontario can help you in getting the job.

These are the few things one should do before searching for a job. They must create a professional resume, and build better networks to be able to get a job in Ontario.

Jobs in Ontario Canada

In this section, we will discuss the various NOC codes and jobs in Ontario, Canada. Ontario is quite a big province and is even larger than a few of the European countries. There are various streams under which there are various NOC codes for different types of job posts. Under the in demand skill stream there is NOC 3413 which is specifically for nurse aids and patient service associates. Similarly, the NOC 4412 is for the home support worker, NOC  7441 is for the residential and commercial installer, and NOC 7511 is for the transport truck drivers. There are many NOC codes besides these. These are the jobs available everywhere in the province of Ontario.

There are separate NOC codes for the area outside the Great Toronto Area (GTA). Some of these NOC codes are 

  • NOC 9411- machine operators
  • NOC 9416- metal working and forging machine operator
  • NOC 9417- machining tool operator
  • NOC 9421- chemical plant machine operators
  • NOC 9536- industrial painters and many more.

 Under foreign work stream there are three NOC skill levels. It means that the jobs available for the foreign workers are segregated under three NOC skill levels:

NOC 0- these are specifically for the manager posts example NOC 0111

NOC A- its for professionals such as registered nurses. example NOC 3012

NOC B- technical jobs. For example NOC 7521 such as plumber.

These are few of the jobs available in the Ontario province. One can get these jobs just by researching,  and constantly working on their resume. You should be aware of your skill sets and look for the job which suits your experience and profile. 

Best Ontario cities

As we have discussed the jobs in Ontario, in this section we will discuss the different cities of Ontario and the job availability in these cities. 

Toronto- it is one of the most popular cities in Canada, it is considered to be the hub of employment for immigrants. It stands at the top of the table with a 94% employment rate. 

Ottawa- it is one of the most important cities of Ontario, it has an employment rate of 95%. It is considered to be the best city for immigrants.

Brantford- it is the hub for plastic manufacturing, rubber manufacturing and it gives lots of opportunities to the immigrants.

Waterloo- this city is known for its high tech spot of Ontario. it has 94 percent of the employment rate with one of the best economies, education and technology.

To know more about Ontario, you can contact an authorised immigration consultant to understand the situation better. 

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