Why should I first secure a job in Canada before immigrating there?

Why should I first secure a job in Canada before immigrating there

Immigration itself is a long and hectic process for a lot of people. It becomes a nightmare when you face troubles on arrival in a foreign land. This article will primarily tell you the benefits and needs of having a job before settling in Canada. We all know seeking the right employment is a cumbersome process. However, having a backup plan or being prepared is always beneficial for any individual. Having a job offer is always better, rather than the whole Canada immigration without a job offer. Below mentioned are a few of the benefits of having a valid job offer before immigrating to Canada.

Advantages of getting job for Canada Immigration

There are various reasons one must secure a job for Canada immigration. One of the primary reasons is better recognition. Immigrants with job offers are a priority for the Canadian government. Having a job offer makes you look fruitful to the nation. Another crucial reason is that the job offer will get you good CRS points. People who have immigrated to Canada without a job offer often struggle in finding their job of interest. If you are seeking a job after your arrival, that might take more time than expected. Finally, securing a job before settling in Canada substantially reduces your financial stress. 

 If someone is unable to procure a job immediately after landing in Canada, he might go through some serious problems like limited financial amount and extra expenses. In another case, if someone already  has the job offer then he or she will not face the same consequences. This is also one of the reasons behind the benefit of having a pre job for Canada immigration.

Immigration to Canada with job offer

In this section, I will elaborate on all the benefits of having a job offer before immigrating to Canada. The Canadian government needs people to support their financial and economic condition. When the person has an eligible job offer, the process of working permit or visa works even faster. For this, you need to have an authentic job offer issued by the employee. If you have a work permit or visa then your spouse, children, or family member can also settle with you. This will help your family to settle and live a better life in Canada. This entire process is extremely easy.

Canada job process from India

 You can also apply for the job online. The tiring process of hunting for a job in the city is made easy with the online application and hiring process. There is one more reason the government prioritizes job offers. If you are settling and making Canada your new home, it would be preferable if you already have a secure job to support yourself financially. Additionally, this will also imply that you will be eligible to pay the taxes and for buying or renting the house. These reasons are enough for the government to prioritize candidates with job offers over people who want to settle in Canada without a job offer.

How to find a job in Canada before immigration?

Canada immigration without a job offer is often less prioritized. As we all know in the entire immigration program Express Entry jobs do bring more CRS points to you. There are different NOC codes for jobs in Canada. These NOC codes have different values and if you have a job offer under any of these NOC codes, you get points. This will advantageously impact your points in comparison to Canada immigration without job offers.

Jobs in Canada for new immigrants

There are various jobs for new immigrants in Canada. skilled labor, mining jobs, IT jobs and engineering jobs are some of the popular ones for the new immigrants. one can go through the NOC code list available online to find their own dream job for Canada immigration.

Even in the Provincial Nominee Program, (PNP), an applicant with the job offer gets priority by the provincial authority. The reason is the same, an employed immigrant means more economic benefit. Thus, to get PR as soon as possible, you need to have a job offer.

Canada job immigration consultant

If you want to know more about the deficit of Canada immigration without a job offer, you can take the advice of the authorized immigration consultant. Contacting the consultant will even help you in knowing the ways to get the jobs, the steps to apply for it, and the best job according to your qualification. 

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