231st Express Entry Draw invites 3250 Candidates to apply for Canada PR

231st-Express-Entry- Draw-invites-3250-Candidates-to-apply- for-Canada-PR

231st Express Entry Draw

231st Express Entry Draw & biggest Round of invitation has occurred with 3,250 applicants being invited to apply to IRCC for Canada PR.

Date of draw: Wednesday, 14th September, 2022.

Time of draw: 13:29:26 UTC

Type of draw: All program draw

ITAs issued: 3250

CRS cut off: 511

Tie Breaking rule: If more than one applicant has the lowest CRS score, priority will be given according to the date and time of Express Entry profile submission.

The sixth and the biggest Express Entry round of invitation has occurred with 3,250 applicants being invited to apply to IRCC for Canada PR. The CRS too is constantly, although marginally on the decline, being 5 points lower than the previous cut-off.

Express Entry is an immigration system that facilitates skilled workers to settle and work in Canada thereby advantageously contributing to the country’s economy and society. The Express Entry is such a popular immigration program that it is often synonymously used for Canada PR. It is administered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) The immigration program offers three streams:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSWP: This program is designed for qualifying skilled immigrants who have acquired foreign work experience in eligible occupations.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program or FSTP: This Express Entry stream provides an immigration pathway to applicants who have experience and qualifications in a skilled trade.
  • Canadian Experience Class or CEC: The Canadian Experience Class is the Express Entry stream that invites applicants who have eligible Canadian work experience.

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How do Express Entry draws work?

Once an applicant, eligible through any one of the above mentioned Express Entry programs, creates an Express Entry profile, he/she gets a score by the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and enters an Express Entry pool. The Express Entry draws or rounds of invitations are held every two weeks to issue ITAs or Invitation to Apply to applicants with a CRS score above the cut-off.

After receiving the ITA, the immigrant can apply to the IRCC for Canada PR within 60 days.

The Canada Immigration was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the usual Express Entry draws came to a halt too. After 23rd December 2020, all program rounds of invitations were put on hold. An all program draw or round of invitation is one in which invitations to Apply are issued to eligible applicants from all the above mentioned Express Entry programs. 

Due to the pandemic caused travel restrictions, all program draws were indefinitely put on hold and ITAs were issued only for Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program. The Express Entry draws for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) were also put on hold and after 14th September 2021, only the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) category received an invitation to apply. 

The Express Entry draws have finally resumed and the first all program draw was held on the 6th of July, 2022. This all program draw had invited 1500 applicants and had the CRS cut-off score of 557 points. Since then, the number of ITAs issued have constantly increased while the CRS score has marginally but consistently decreased. For instance, the CRS score for the previous Express Entry draw was 516 points and 2750 applicants were invited to apply for Canada PR to the IRCC. It must be noted that since 6th July, 2022, the CRS has declined by 46 points and the ITAs issued have been increased by 1750 applicants.

The table below can highlight the trend in 231st Express Entry Draw better.

Date of Draw CRS Score Cut-Off Decrease in CRS Cut-Off ITAs Issued Increase in ITAs








15 Points





9 Points





8 Points





9 Points





5 Points



As can be seen in the table above, the ITAs issued are consistently increasing by at least 250 invitations every draw. In the 230th draw, the ITAs had increased by 500 invitations, and in the current draw too, they have consistently increased again by 500 invitations. Proportionate to the consistently increasing number of invitations, the CRS is marginally but constantly declining.

With recent changes like the TEER and Bill C-19, the Express Entry program is likely to undergo many positive changes. The Canadian government is in dire and constant need of skilled immigrants and aims to make Express Entry a more sensitive system that is capable of understanding those needs better. 

This was all about the 231st Express Entry Draw. You can visit our Blog to read more articles related to Canada Immigration.

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