232nd Express Entry Draw invites 3750 Candidates to apply for Canada PR

Date of draw: Wednesday, 28th September, 2022.
Time of draw: 13:29:26 UTC
Type of draw: All program draw
ITAs issued: 3750
CRS cut off: 504

Tie Breaking rule: If more than one applicant has the lowest CRS score, priority will be given according to the date and time of Express Entry profile submission.

We witnessed the seventh Express Entry draw today, with the lowest CRS cut off at 504 points, and the highest number of invitations. With this draw, 3,750 ITAs are issued, inviting a higher number of immigrants to apply to the IRCC for their Canada PR visa.

Since the relaxation in the COVID induced restrictions , Canada is doing its best to replenish its diminishing skilled labour force. Currently, the country is in dire need of a labour force and is therefore brimming with opportunities for immigrants, from all walks of life. The fact that the Canadian unemployment rate is just around 5% substantiates two important factors:

  • Almost all the available Canadian workforce has already been hired and utilized
  • The country’s population that is not employed is either retired, or does not require employment anymore, due to the various benefits the country offers its citizens and residents. 

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is one of the most well known gateway to get Canadian PR. Started back in 2015, the main motive of the Express Entry was to bring as much workforce as it can every year to support the Economy and financial condition of the country.

There are three streams through which one can be eligible for the Express Entry, these three programs are-

  1. FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  2. CEC (Canadian Experience Class) 
  3. FSTP (Federal Skilled Trade Program)

FSWPthis stream is for those applicants who have acquired an eligible foreign work experience. 

CECforeign workers with qualifying Canadian work experience are eligible under this stream.

FSTP- This stream is exclusively for those candidates who have work experience in skilled trades.

Note- Express Entry also issues ITAs (Invitation To Apply) to those candidates who have nomination from any of the Canadian provinces under PNP.

It must be kept in mind that being eligible under any of the above mentioned streams doesn’t guarantee you an Invitation to Apply.

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Express Entry: The process

For the Express Entry, a candidate firstly needs to create an Express Entry profile. There are two ways: one through GCkey and other through sign-in partners. An Express Entry profile contains every information of the applicant from age, education qualification to work experience and job offer.

Upon successfully creating the Express Entry profile, applicants receive a score by the Comprehensive Ranking System on the basis of the provided information, and enter into the Express Entry pool. 

The Express Entry draws or round of invitations are held every fortnight and issue ITAs to the profiles with a CRS score higher than the cut-off. 

In the current draw, the CRS cut-off is 504. This implies that all the applicants with their CRS score higher than 504 will receive an ITA for their Canada PR within 60 days from the issue of the invitation. If you have received an invitation in the current draw, you must apply for PR by 28th November, 2022. 

Canada is planning to invite more than 80,000 immigrants in the next two years. This is also due to the fact that the country has a huge population of senior citizens, which causes a significant deficit in the workforce. To tackle this situation, Canada has successfully and consistently invited immigrants to work and settle there. Due to the COVID pandemic, the immigration plan faced a major setback in the year 2020 and 2021. On july 6, 2022, Canada resumed the all program Express Entry draws to get the skilled immigration back on track.

Date of Draw

CRS score cut-off

Decrease in CRS cut-off

ITAs issued.

Increase in ITAs






15 points





9 points





8 points





9 points





5 points





7 points



This table is constantly showing the rise of the ITAs issued with every draw. This also implies that Canada is constantly working and trying its best to meet the target they have planned. In the upcoming draws we will also see the impact of TEER and BILL C-19, which will be instrumental in bringing about huge positive changes in Canada’s PR process. The main motive of both of these initiatives is to assist and support Canada’s labor needs and market workforce demands in the coming years.

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