267 Express Entry Draw: ITAs for Agriculture and agri-food occupations


Below are the details about the latest 267 Express Entry draw.

Draw Date: 28th September 2023

Time: 16:45:09 UTC

Type of Draw: Category Based draw for Agriculture and agri-food occupations

ITAs issued: 600

CRS cut-off: 354 points

On Thursday, 28th September 2023 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced the third consecutive Express Entry draw, making it the fourth draw within the month of September. The 267th Express Entry draw was a category-based draw exclusively for agricultural and agri-food occupations and invited 600 eligible profiles with a CRS score equal to or greater than 354 points. Moreover, the 267 Express Entry draw is the first-ever draw for agricultural occupations. 

You are eligible for this draw if:

  • You have full-time, paid work experience of at least 6 months in the last 3 years
  • Your work experience is in the 3 NOC codes eligible for the Agriculture and agri-food category
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements for the Express Entry pathway.

Below is the list of all the category-based draws held till now.

Draw no.Draw DateITAs issuedCRS cut-offDraw category
26728.09.2023600354Agriculture and agri-food occupations
26627.09.2023500472French language proficiency
26420.09.20231000435Transport occupations
26103.08.20231500388Trade occupations
26002.08.2023800435French language proficiency
25812.07.20233800375French language proficiency
25607.07.20232300439French language proficiency
25506.07.20231500463Healthcare occupations
25405.07.2023500486STEM occupations
25228.06.2023500476Healthcare occupations
Updated List of category-based Express Entry draw

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