Alert! New Immigration Stream for Healthcare Workers in Canada

Alert! New Immigration Stream for Healthcare Workers in Canada

Canada is facing labor shortages, and it’s only natural that Canada has launched a new immigration stream for healthcare workers. Regarding this, the Government made some changes in Express Entry to facilitate easier immigration for healthcare workers coming to Canada. 

Getting a work visa for Canada will now become much easier for healthcare workers, with new changes in visa rules. 

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Express Entry Category-based Draws 

On 28th June only, the Canadian Immigration Minister and Health Minister together made an announcement regarding this. They announced the first ever Express Entry Category-based draws, which specifically targeted only healthcare workers this time. A total of 500 healthcare workers received invitations in the first round. At the same time, they also announced the second round of draws would be conducted on 5th July, 2023. In the second round 1,500 more workers would then be invited. 

Why is Canada inviting 1,500 workers in the next week instead of at the same time as the first round of draws? Well, this is basically to ensure the smooth launch of the program and easier processing of applications. 

The category-based draws are set to invite candidates based on the market needs. This will also help the local communities across Canada as more healthcare professionals would come to Canada to work there. 

The category-based Express Entry draws will be conducted just like how usual Express Entry draws are, and alongside general invitation rounds. 

Canada recognizes healthcare workers’ value 

Canada is seeing a recognizable need for more healthcare workers, especially since the pandemic. On top of facing labor shortages in almost every job sector, the healthcare industry is the most desperate in all industries. 

This is why Canada made a number of changes to bring in more healthcare workers for the betterment of the country. Some of those changes are:-

  • Back in April, Canada made it easier for physicians to immigrate to Canada. Under this, the physicians who provided publicly funded medical services in Canada received permanent residency easily. 
  • And, then there’s the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) that allows refugees and other displaced people to use their skills in immigrating to Canada. These refugees can use their education, experience, and talent to continue their careers in Canada. Also, under this pilot program, the most number of applicants belong to the healthcare sector. 
  • Back in December, Canada decided to remove barriers that prevented skilled and qualified workers from gaining work experience in their own field. For this, the government made an investment of $90 million. 
  • And if we take a look at the data from 2017 to 2022, a total of 21,656 immigrants that came to Canada belonged to the healthcare industry only. 

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