Canada Day 2023:- History and Significance of the Day

Canada Day 2023:- History and Significance of the Day

Back in 1867, when the three dominions of Canada or provinces came together to form a single Dominion under the British Empire, the day was marked as Canada Day. Thus, on today, various things are celebrated such as the country’s coming togetherness. 

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History of Canada Day

Back in 1867, Canada’s three provinces, namely Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec) came together to form Canada within the British Empire. Then, a constitution was enacted to declare Canada as an independent nation. 

This happened on 1st July, and hence every 1st of July is celebrated as Canada Day, or colloquially what is known as Canada’s birthday. 

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How is Canada Day celebrated?

Canada Day is the perfect time of the year when Canadians celebrate the local cultures, heritage and achievements of the country. Many cities host parades and parties to commemorate the nation and as a way to remember the ancestors. 

One can find many festivals, events and celebrations around the country which highlight Canadian history and unity. Along with parades, there are concerts, cultural performances, fireworks and outdoor activities too. 

On 1st July, Canadians usually are found wearing white and red and showing off the Canadian flag. And what do you find cooking up in Canadian households? Canadians love to eat traditional foods such as butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, and of course Poutine. 

Isn’t it obvious that the biggest and most grand festivities are hosted in Ottawa, Canada’s capital? Apart from Ottawa, concerts, street parties, parades, and other events are also held in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. 

The Samuel De Champlain Bridge will be lit up in the colors of the Canadian flag, that is red and white, from sunset to 1 a.m. on 1st July, 2023. 

This is the time to remember the past for Canadians, and celebrate the cultural diversity there. The maple leaf country is a beautiful country that is committed to being inclusive, diverse, and multicultural. What we need to remember on this special day and the rest of the year is the contribution the indigenous peoples, settlers, early explorers, and immigrants made to make the country what it is today. 

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