Get a Transportation Manager Job in Canada and Earn Up to 142K!

Get a Transportation Manager Job in Canada and Earn Up to 142K!

The need for transport managers in Canada will rise, according to the Job Bank. Job Bank is the main job hunting website of Canada which is predicting 4,500 job openings in the upcoming years. Since Canada is aleardy facing labor shortages, it won’t come as a surprise if transportation industry also needs more workers. Moreover, a transportation manager job in Canada could get you to earn up to $142,000 in an average year! 

Now, if you are on a job hunt. We suggest this is a really good time to secure a job in this particular industry in Canada. On top of Canada having many jobs available, the pay is nice as well. What more could one want, eh? So, start searching for a job as a transport manager as soon as you can and then apply for a Canadian work visa ! 

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Jobs for Transportation Managers in Canada 

This is what the Job Bank say regarding this, “For managers in transportation, over the period 2022-2031, new job openings arising from expansion demand and replacement demand are expected to total 14,200 while 9,700 new job seekers arising from school leavers, immigration and mobility are expected to be available to fill them.”

According to the Job Bank, Canada’s main job searching website, has mentioned that between the time period of 2022-2031, thousands of jobs in the transportation field will become available due to several reasons. 

Some 14,200 are expected to become available due to expansion as well as replacement demand. And around 9,700 jobs will likely be open for new job hunters. New job seekers include those who are fresh out of schools, or have immigrated to Canada or they are a part of the mobility programs. 

Hence, we can clearly see that there’s enough opportunities in this particular industry. 

Immigration Pathways Available for this Job Role 

Canada is opening up job opportunities for the benefit of job seekers along with immigrants as once these jobs become available, more and more immigrants would be able to come to Canada to work there. 

To make immigration easier, the government of Canada has announced Express Entry Category-based draws which will focus on inviting candidates from particular job categories with a particular round of draw. There are going to be six categories and transportation is one of the categories. 

The National Occupation Classification (NOC) code of transportation category is 70020. Since transportation is one of the categories, it is essential that candidates applying for immigration to Canada under this job should also know the NOC code.

Apart from that, immigrants can also take advantage of various immigration programs such as Federal Skilled Trades program (FST), Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and general Express Entry too. 

How much can one earn as a transportation manager in Canada?

Transportation managers in Canada always have the opportunity to get paid well. Estimates say that if you secure the right kind of job under a good employer, you wouldn’t have any problem earning around $142k or $142,000 in a year. This is the predicted income at the upper end of the pay scale. 

So, along with good career opportunities, transportation managers also get to earn well while working in Canada. 

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