British Columbia Issues ITAs: Construction Workers included again


The draw conducted by British Columbia on 21st November 2023 invited about 160 candidates. Out of the total 161 candidates nominated, 24 nominations were for workers in construction occupations. This is the second draw in which construction workers have received invitations since British Columbia added this particular occupation to the priority list. 

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British Columbia PNP Draw

British Columbia held a draw on 21 Nov and it issued invitations to a number of occupations. In this, construction workers were included too. 

  • 93 candidates received invitations from the Tech occupations category. Lowest score considered was 94. 
  • 17 invitations were issued to workers in the Healthcare occupations, 60 as the lowest rank. 
  • 27 eligible Childcare workers were considered, with a minimum score of 60 or above. 
  • 24 invitations went to Construction workers and the lowest score remained the same as last time’s 75 points. 

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British Columbia: Province in need of construction workers

As we know, Canada’s housing sector has been under pressure since the immigrant population has been growing rapidly. With the number of immigrants increasing at a faster pace in recent years, the need for more houses across Canada has been felt. 

To battle this particular challenge, British Columbia has come up with this solution. It created a new slot for construction workers to be nominated for Canada PR under its Express Entry linked PNP streams. 

This happened about a week ago and since then this is the second PNP draw conducted by British Columbia. And, yes, in both these draws, construction occupation was targeted. 

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