Canada to Increase Federal Minimum Wage Starting Oct, 2023

Canada to Increase Federal Minimum Wage Starting Oct, 2023

As of this year’s October, 6 of 10 Canadian provinces will make changes in the minimum wages of federal government workers. Across the country, Canada to increase the federal minimum wage of workers has erupted people in high hopes. This increase in pay will surely be helping workers fight inflation. A huge number of federal government workers have been on strike recently. The IRCC strike only ended on 1st May, as the government agreed to increase the minimum wage as well make some other necessary changes in the workplace. 

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Minimum Wages Increment? Why? 

The workers of Canada are in much need of this increment in minimum wage. With rising inflation, the workers need to earn enough money to live by. 

Previously, the government announced to increase the minimum wage by 7% starting from 1st April, 2023. But those working in the government sectors are hoping for a hike on a regional basis too. 

Let’s look below to know the exact hike according to the provinces of Canada:

  • Nova Scotia: $15 from the previous $14.50 per hour. 
  • Manitoba: New hourly wages are up to $15.30, while earlier the workers used to get $14.15.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: the hike would give workers up to $15 an hour. Currently, they are getting $14.50. 
  • Ontario: workers would be able to receive $16.55. While the hourly wages as of now are $15.50. 
  • Prince Edward Island: the changes would allow workers to get paid $15 an hour. As of now, the hourly wages are $14.50. 
  • Saskatchewan: the new changes would increase the hourly wage from $13 to $14. On top of this increase, Saskatchewan has committed to raise the federal minimum wage in 2024. The increased wage will be $15. 

Will immigrants be affected? 

Immigrants are increasingly being welcomed in Canada. The country has been realizing the rising demands of skilled workers in its workforce. Since, the nation has been trying to tackle the issue of lack of workers in the labor force. That’s why Canada has been aggressively inviting international professional workers to come work in the country. 

When workers arrive in the country to work there, they receive permanent residency. When an immigrant receives permanent residency in Canada, they can work in some government jobs too. 

Hence, an increase in the federal minimum wage is set to benefit immigrants in a really good way. When the immigrants are earning good, they would be able to live in Canada a bit more perfectly, and assimilate to the environment easily. The hike in minimum wage will be affecting immigrants to get settled easily. 

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