Good News! IRCC Strike Ends, Govt to Increase Wages

Good News! IRCC Strike Ends, Govt to Increase Wages

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) ended the strike since the Government of Canada agreed to make some amends. Both PSAC and the Government reached an agreement for the betterment of Canadians. On 19th April, PSAC went on a strike which included around 155,000 government workers. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada was among them too. This IRCC strike did halt a few services that the people of Canada were not able to access during the strike. This IRCC strike was also known as the biggest strike in Canadian history.

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What did the strike achieve?

According to the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the government and the union have come to some sort of agreement. This provisional agreement is said to change a couple of things. 

First of all, the government workers would be paid higher, which will help them fight inflation with an iron hand. 

The Canadian government is also said to make changes and provide better provisions for those wanting to work from home. 

Moreover, the workplace language is going to be more inclusive. 

Throughout the strike, IRCC has remained dutiful and warned people about which areas would be affected and which services would be available. When the strike ended, IRCC announced on its website, “There may still be some service impacts over the next few days and weeks as services return to full capacity…”

More about the PSAC strike

Before the strike started, the Public Service Alliance of Canada had been in talks with the government that the workers needed a few changes in the workplace, such as use of more inclusive language, availability of work from home, and the most important one, higher salary. These talks have been happening since December, 2020. 

When the water went above board, the government workers had to strike as the final measure. Their motive was not to disrupt the public services or make problems for the public of Canada. 

They only wanted better services for themselves, and if the PSAC was against the people, they wouldn’t have allowed the services that were still operating during the strike. 

There could have been a total shutdown of government services since such a huge number of workers denied working. But things weren’t like that. 

Even during the strike, we saw one Express Entry draw come out. IRCC was also accepting applications for those wanting to extend their stay in Canada. Some other important services were still available. 

Now that Canada’s biggest strike has ended, PSAC has instructed the workers to return to work as soon as their next shift is available. 

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