Does creating duplicate Express Entry profile increase  ITA chances?

In recent years, the federal online immigration system of Canada has seen a significant increase in the number of duplicate Express Entry profiles. However, there’s a rule in Canadian immigration laws that states a candidate may only have one profile at a time. 

But then there’s the Strategic Policy and Planning Report that states one can create a new GCKey and then a new profile. 

Also, Ontario conducted a new PNP draw on 19 January, so let’s know about it too. 

Increase in Number of Duplicate Express Entry Profiles

IRCC saw a massive increase in the number of duplicate Express Entry profiles in the pool in 2022. There were almost 30,000 duplicate Express Entry profiles in early 2023 while the unique profiles attached to them were only about 10,000 or so. 

The duplicate profiles were found based on the candidate’s names, and other information. 

If you are a skilled worker looking to immigrate to Canada, the first thing you should do is create a profile. This profile shows whether you are eligible based on the CRS score you receive. 

Once your profile is found eligible, it will be put in the Express Entry pool and others. When an Express Entry draw is held, the higher-ranking profiles are selected first. 

Thus, this is the role of the profile in immigration. 

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If I have duplicate Express Entry profiles in the pool, do I have more chances of receiving an ITA?

Creating more than one Express Entry profile did not give any advantage to the candidates. This was seen in the report that found duplicate profiles in the pool. 

Just creating a new profile or having more than one profile does not mean one’s CRS score just magically doubles up. This is because the candidate’s education, work experience, and language proficiency are going to remain the same anyway. 

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    Thus, just coming up with profiles for the same person does not result in them getting an ITA any sooner. However, to increase one’s probability of receiving an ITA, one can aim to improve the areas they are lacking score. 

    Ontario’s Latest PNP Draw: 19 January 2024

    On 19th January 2024, the province of Ontario conducted another PNP draw this week.

    It invited 1,654 candidates from the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream . It was a general draw that selected candidates scoring 50 points or above

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