Everything you wanted to know about Vaisakhi in Canada

Vaisakhi in Canada is a festival that is much celebrated with love and enthusiasm. Punjabis enjoy Vaisakhi with awesome festive energy.
Everything you wanted to know about Vaisakhi in Canada

With much enthusiasm and vigor, Vaisakhi in Canada is celebrated. Canadians love to celebrate festivals in grand ways. Most recently the Canadians celebrated Easter and it was quite beautifully done. Today, they are celebrating Vaisakhi, which is also known as Baisakhi. Vaisakhi is a winter harvest festival that celebrates the hard work of Indian farmers. Though mainly the festival is recognized in Northern parts of India, the Sikh community of Canada is not far behind from celebrating it grandly too. Let’s take a look at what are the amazing things they do on this awesome day.

Vaisakhi celebration in Canada 

In Canada, people love to dress up on occasions. They basically just need an excuse to put on their best shoes. If you went to Canada, then you might know how much the people there like to put on their best dresses, and jazz

Though it is one of the most celebrated festivals of Sikhs, it doesn’t mean that people of other religions are not allowed to celebrate it. In fact, Hindus love this festival as their own, so do most of the Canadians. 

They dress up in traditional attires, such as churidar kurtas, salwar suits etc., and perform folk dances. What the Sikh community usually do on this festival is get together in Gurudwaras, and pray to God. In most parts of the country, folks gather and like to sing traditional folk songs. Some people even like to go to take a dip in holy rivers. The concept behind taking a dip in a holy river is that all of your sins are washed away. Hence, taking a dip in holy waters purifies you in a way. 

We all know the important role that food plays in festivals. Celebration of anything feels incomplete if good food is not there to accompany it. Moreover, everyone knows that Punjabis are famous for eating without regrets. Honestly, we all should take inspiration from them. Hence, delicious food is made in every house on Vaisakhi.

Importance of Vaisakhi for us all

This festival teaches us all to celebrate good things with our loved ones. There’s no need to be isolated in times of need, nor should we enjoy something alone. Our beloveds are all around us. They support us, they give us a helping hand in desperate times, applaud us on victories. We need to respect them and be with them too. This is the spirit of unity that Vaisakhi teaches us. People of all ages celebrate Vaisakhi, and that too, with much enthusiasm. 

Forgetting differences between communities, people of not only Canada but also India come and celebrate Vaisakhi together. They visit gurudwaras, where they are taught the importance of life, of elders, of God, and the sacrifice that others make so that we could move forward, so that we could prosper in life.

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