Latest Ontario PNP Draw will make you jump with delight!

In the latest Ontario PNP draw’s round, 295 candidates received invitations to apply for the permanent residency of the province.
Latest Ontario PNP Draw will make you jump with delight!

The latest OINP PNP draws gives us a glimpse of how many people can apply for the permanent residency of the province. Do you know how much people want to live in this province? Ontario is one of the most popular provinces of Canada, and dude, if you received an invitation to apply for its residency, would you really like to lose the chance? No, right?! That’s why you should know what is the eligibility requirement of the Ontario PNP draw and how you can apply for it.

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Ontario Draws- 11th April, 2023

The most recent round of draws of Ontario came out on 11th April. In case you missed the chance to read news about it, well here we are with resources you are going to need. 

Let’s begin with how many ITAs or Invitations to Apply for the permanent residency are issued. This time it is 295 ITAs. Do you understand what this means? Do you comprehend the weight of the situation? It means around 295 candidates got the chance to apply for the permanent residency in this Canadian province.

The candidates need a minimum score of 30 points. If you applied for the OINP or the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, and your CRS score is above 30 points or 30 points, then you are eligible to apply for the permanent residency.

Eligibility criterias you need to qualify

The province is calling for workers in the in demand skills stream. There are certain requirements to be in this stream. To know them, let’s check out the points below. 

  • The candidate must have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. 
  • The job offer should be for a permanent position and the job should be full time. 
  • Job position must urgently need the employee.
  • Job position needs to be based in the Canadian province of Ontario.
  • The candidate AT LEAST needs a CLB or Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 4. 
  • It is a must that the candidate must have at least 9 months of Canadian work experience IN Ontario. 
  • As for the educational requirements, you need to at least hold a Canadian high school diploma or an equivalent degree in another country. 
  • You have got to have the intention to reside in Ontario. 
  • In case you are applying from outside Canada, then at the time of application, you must have a legal status in Canada. 
  • You need to have a medical and police test taken to show you are admissible in the country. 

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