How to explore Canada for up to 2 years without needing a PR

How to explore Canada for up to 2 years without needing a PR

IEC travel insurance or IEC health insurance lets youngsters and working people come visit Canada and explore the country while being on a simple IEC work permit. This is a good chance for those people who want to get a taste of Canada and understand how things work there. This means your question of how to explore Canada for up to 2 years without needing a PR is answered! Do you know that there are ways to get a work permit without a job offer?

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How does IEC work permit work?

An IEC work permit is also known as an IEC travel insurance but since it mainly works as a health insurance. And, that’s why it is now known as IEC health insurance. Under this special kind of work permit, Canada will be admitting around 90,000 immigrants in the country! You read that right! Up to 90,000 newcomers to Canada would have a chance to be in the country for work purposes or otherwises.

Also, they would not be needing a permanent residency for that. If you had any other work permit, you would first need to get a permanent residency even to live in Canada. But this is not the case with this absolutely great IEC work permit. If you want to apply within this year, all you need to do is receive an invitation, then you will have the opportunity to fill the application for the same. Wanna know what comes after? Nothing much, just get all your documents in order and buy the right kind of IEC health insurance for yourself!

Categories under which you can apply for:

There are three categories under which an applicant can apply for. These are:

Young Professional

In case you got a professional job offer from a Canadian employer, then you can apply for the IEC work permit under this category, immigrate to Canada and work in the country! Now you can get paid for your work while you get to live in this gorgeous country.

Working holiday

This means you would have the chance to get an open work permit! Do you know what this means? An open work permit allows you to work for any employer of your choice while you stay in Canada. On top of that you don’t even need a job offer to apply for a work permit!

International co-op

This category is for those students who need a job offer as a part of their education completion.

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