Canada Inviting Immigrants Furiously! Pack your bags now!

Canada Inviting Immigrants Furiously! Pack your bags now!

If you wish to move to Canada, then you should first know which immigration pathways are accepting how many immigrants, and which program would be the best to apply for. Once you know what the immigration plans of Canada are, then you may get a sense of if you should go to Canada or not. However, in any case, we recommend that you do go to this country. Why? There’s no why when it’s Canada! The nation is one of the best places in the world, you should be asking yourself “why shouldn’t I go to Canada?!” In this news we will talk about Canada inviting immigrants. Hopefully after reading this news, you might get a hint of which city to move in Canada so you can start living your Canadian dream!

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Canada’s Immigration Levels Plans 

Do you have any idea of how many immigrants the country is planning on receiving in this year alone? Canada’s immigration plans tell us that the nation is ready to accept 465,000 newcomers in 2023 alone! Yes 465,000 immigrants in one year! Inviting this many people in such a short period of time must mean Canada has got a lot of jobs available. 

You guessed it right, Canada does have a huge job market! Furthermore, this job market is indeed looking for more workers. Since Canadian workers are not enough anymore, the nation is sending out invitations to the skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and even international graduates to come to the country to work there. 

This does not end here. Canada will be accepting 485,000 immigrants in the year 2024, and 500,000 in 2025. These are the Immigration Levels Plans of Canada for the upcoming years.

Which Immigration Pathway is inviting the most immigrants?

Once you know which immigration program will be selecting the most number of immigrants, wouldn’t it be easier for you to then choose the right pathway for you as well? Let’s talk about the plans of Canada as per immigration programs. 

Federal High Skilled- 82,880

If you apply in the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program, or maybe even Canadian Experience Class, then there are 82,880 chances of you being selected.

Federal Economic Public Policies- 25,000

This is a limited time opportunity for temporary residents to become permanent residents. If you submit your application for the same before the end of this year, then you may receive a golden chance to become a permanent resident of Canada!

Federal Business- 3,500

This immigration program includes people applying in the Start-up Visa Program, as well as the Self-employed Persons Program. In this year, Canada would be accepting 3,500 applications to immigrate to Canada on this basis. 

Atlantic Immigration Program- 8,500

This program will be accepting 8,500 applications in all

Provincial Nominee Program- 105,500

If an immigrant wants to immigrate to Canada via a PNP, then they have got a lot of opportunities there! Provinces and territories of Canada have got lots and lots of vacant places to be filled by immigrants. Since you are also an immigrant, you should consider immigrating to a particular province too.

We hear Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia are quite good places to immigrate to. But then again, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan are not so far behind as well. Anyways, wherever you would be moving to, we are sure that the place is going to be amazing!

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