Settlement Services help immigrants get settled in Canada!

Settlement Services help immigrants get settled in Canada!

We all know that Canada inviting immigrants is something we are all aware of. But do you know how these many newcomers to Canada get settled down in the country? For some this process might be a bit tougher than others. However, for some immigrants it might not. How so? Well it’s because Canada offers some special kind of services to the newcomers. These are known as settlement services! They help immigrants sort out their new life in Canada without much worry and difficulty. Now, tell us, isn’t that a wonderful thing?! Let’s check out further information about these services. 

What are Settlement Services?

The aim of Canada for this year is to welcome around 465,000 immigrants in all. But just inviting people is not enough, right? The nation needs to ensure that the people are well settled down and not worrying about how to find the right place to live. Hence, this is the reason why the country provides some good services to all the newcomers coming to Canada to work or live. 

These settlement services may also be the reason as to why people still want to immigrate to Canada. Imagine being invited to live in a country that has been calling for hundreds of thousands of people every year but those who actually go to that nation are not satisfied and always complaining about the mismanagement of everything. Now would YOU like to visit this kind of country for any purposes? No, right? Thankfully, Canada is not like this. 

Even if the Government of Canada is inviting so many people throughout the year, those people are well settled and leading a good life. What’s the secret behind this? Nothing much other than good administration. I think it’s time we talk about the settlement services. 

These services are FREE and managed on different levels by the government. Municipal, federal and provincial governments provide these services. These services help any and all immigrants regarding almost anything they need help with. They include giving information, needs assessment, orientation services, training in languages, helping them find suitable employment, connecting communities etc,. One thing this program exists for is to help the newcomers. Using these services, any immigrant would have no problem in living a life that is a dream of many. In turn, these immigrants would help in the growth of the country socially, economically, and culturally.

How to access them?

Accessing these resources are very easy. The government of Canada has further made the use of these services quite easy. IRCC has done a wonderful thing by compiling a list of services in one place. When you visit this site, you will be able to find all the information there. Just drop in your postal code and all the services delivered around your area would show up. 

There’s one more website which IRCC funds, Compass to Connect, which has settlement services compiled in one place. In case an immigrant is not sure on how to use these services, they can also get in touch with a settlement counselor. These counselors help in deciding which services would apply to whom. One more way to know which services are available to you is to directly get in touch with the municipal or the provincial settlement service providers. Moreover, the easiest way to access these services would be to contact the neighborhood settlement service providers.

What wondrous services are available?

Below are some settlement services:

  • They will be helping you find a job
  • You would most likely get help in rebuilding your life
  • They would help you get training in language (English or French)
  • Further on, they would also help you prepare for the citizenship test
  • If a job needs a specific language, then they will also help you with training in that language
  • They could help you become a mentor for another newcomer, or help you find a mentor for yourself
  • They have got some particular services for minority communities as well
  • There might be some other services too. So, don’t forget to check them all out!
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