In the new PNP draw, British Columbia Issues 165 Canadian Immigration Invitations

165 Canadian immigration invitations

In The Latest BC PNP Draw, British Columbia Issues 165 Canadian Immigration Invitations

The recent draw of British Columbia was held on 19 July 2022. It was the fresh draw under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program in which 165 applicants were invited. In the latest BC PNP draw news is for the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry level, and Semi-Skilled and the targeted description was Tech, healthcare, early childhood educator, and assistants.

The BC PNP Tech stream invited 139 skilled professionals and overseas graduates with a minimum score of 85 points.

A draw for Healthcare employees resulted in 8 invites being granted to skilled workers, overseas graduates, and entry-level & semi-skilled workers, all with a minimum score of 60 points.

A total of 18 invites were given to qualified workers and overseas graduates who received at least 60 points in a draw for Early Childhood Educators under NOC 4214.

On a regular basis, British Columbia selects high-ranking applicants by sending invitations to them through the BC PNP draw who have applied under each category in the PNP that permits them to live and work permanently. Candidates who successfully get the provincial nomination may apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for PR visas (IRCC).

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Why Is BC PNP Considered The Best PNP In 2022?

The province of British Columbia offers its citizens a good standard of life as well as chances for career advancement. The government of British Columbia invites up to 1,350 skilled workers each year. These candidates are chosen with the assistance of the following BC PNP’s nominee programs:

  • Skilled Worker Category: This category is for foreign employees who have obtained a significant job offer from an appropriate business for skilled employment. Candidates must also have the requisite job experience.
  • Health Care Professional Category: To be qualified for this category, the candidate must have an appropriate employment offer and many years of experience in the health sector as a nurse, physician, mental nurse, or another related profession.
  • International Post-Graduate, BC Degree Category: For foreigners who have earned a master’s or doctoral degree from a recognized educational institution in the province of British Columbia.
  • International Graduate, Canadian Degree Category: This category is for international students who have graduated in the recent two years from a valid and eligible Canadian educational institution.
  • Entry-level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category: This sub-category is for immigrants who want to apply for semi-skilled or entry-level jobs in tourism/hospitality, food processing, and long-haul transportation.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Stream Is Back After A ONE-YEAR Pause

It is great news for the business immigrants that almost after a year on hold, British Columbia is now accepting applications under the Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) base category of its Provincial Nominee Program. The base category of that program was temporarily halted on July 19, last year, while the West Coast province figured out how to best connect it with its immigration and economic recovery aims.

The whole BC PNP EI base category program guide is now available online, with 18 revisions, most of which are minor clarifications or extra criteria.

However, there has been one major change in the program. As of July 13, immigration authorities in British Columbia will issue Invitations to Apply (ITAs) on the basis of new characteristics such as the business sector, prospective business location, and community demographics.

British Columbia paid out 232 ITAs to applicants under the basic category of this program in 2019, the final full year before the COVID-19 epidemic, and will now continue those regular drawings for high-scoring businesses eligible under the registration pool.

Candidates for the EI stream must fulfil certain standards, including a net worth of $600,000, a $200,000 investment in a new or existing firm, and the creation of one full-time employment for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

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