India visa processing to slow down as 41 Canada diplomat left India


41 Canada diplomats have left India because of the ongoing Canada-India political disputes. Though this will result in visa applications taking more time to get processed, still IRCC will accept visa applications, and process them too. 

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41 Canada Diplomats have Left India

Amid ongoing Canada-India disputes, 41 Canada diplomats have left India. IRCC minister said this will result in slower India visa processing. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has confirmed that though it will continue accepting visa applications for all purposes from India, only the processing time will be slower. 

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These political disputes started last month, and since then, there has been one thing or the other causing tension for those looking to come to Canada. 

But these people should be left assured. In a recent statement, IRCC has made it absolutely clear that it will NOT stop processing visa applications from India. These visa applications could be for study, visit, work purposes, to reunite with family members, or even get Canada PR

Amid 41 Canada diplomats leaving India, IRCC has announced that it will also reduce its staff residing in Indian offices. Out of 27 employees, only 5 will remain in India. The remaining IRCC employees are for “urgent processing, visa printing, risk assessment and overseeing key partners.”

Impact of Canadian Diplomats Leaving India

The impact of Canadian diplomats leaving India will be on a slower processing time only. Marc Miller, IRCC’s minister, has assured Indian and Canadian visa applicants that all visa applications, whether temporary or permanent, will continue to be accepted by Canada and processed too. It’s just that the reduced staff in India means temporary repercussions. 

Further, Miller said that many clients have complained about slower services, queries taking longer to be answered and visas not being put in passports sooner. To deal with this situation, IRCC is working with Visa Application Centres (VACs). 

VACs are operated by third parties and so they will continue to process visa applications as usual. Moreover, they are the ones processing most of the applications from India. Also, even if IRCC has reduced its staff, Indian clients can still give biometrics, submit visa applications, and transmit passports at IRCC centres. There are ten IRCC centres in India. 

Canada recognizes the value of immigrants coming to Canada, and so has put stress on the fact that they will continue to welcome all visa applications. 

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