Latest Express Entry Category-based Draw Calling French-Speaking Workers


Yes, you heard it right, Canada releases its latest Express entry draw this week based on the French category. It is the fourth draw in a row this week by IRCC Canada and the minimum CRS score for French-Speaking Workers is 439 which is the lowest score of 2023.

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Express Entry Category-based Draw Calling French-Speaking Workers

Date: 7 July 2023

Invitation to Apply(ITA): 2,300

Minimum CRS Score: 439

Category: French Language Proficiency

Why calling French speakers?

French is one of the two official languages of Canada, along with English. The province of Quebec is predominantly French-speaking, and it has French as its official language.

French is also widely spoken in other provinces and territories, particularly in New Brunswick, where it is an official language alongside English. In these regions, many services, including government services, are available in both English and French.

In other parts of Canada, outside of Quebec and New Brunswick, French speakers can also be found, although to a lesser extent.

The federal government, as well as many provincial and municipal governments, require bilingual employees to serve the needs of French-speaking Canadians. This includes areas such as public administration, healthcare, education, and customer service.

Draws of this week

  • The most recent draw of this week took place yesterday by July 6 with the invitation of 1,500 candidates who require work experience in healthcare professions. The minimum CRS score needed for this draw was at least 463 points.
  • On July 5, there was the first-ever STEM-category Express Entry draw with 500 invitees having 486 or more CRS points.
  • 700 invitations were issued on July 4 but it was an all-program draw that require a minimum of 511 or more CRS scores.

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