Ontario Draw Issues 748 NOIs to Human Capital Priorities Stream

Ontario Draw Issues 748 NOIs to Human Capital Priorities Stream

The latest Ontario draw was held on 6 July, 2023, which issued a total of 748 Notifications of Interest to eligible candidates from Human Capital Priorities stream. The CRS score range for this draw was 479-485. Moreover, it was a targeted draw which focused on sending out invitations to candidates belonging to the tech occupations only. 

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Ontario Draw- 6 July, 2023 

NOIs: 748

Stream: Human Capital Priorities

CRS Score Range: 479-485 

Draw Type: Targeted

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Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Ontario to verify the numbers.

Ontario Draw- 6 July, 2023 

The candidates who received NOIs must have their CRS score above 479 and below 485. Moreover, their occupation must have been listed in the NOC codes list provided below. Also, they should have some prior work experience. 

  • NOC 20012- Computer and information systems managers
  • NOC 21211- Data Scientists
  • NOC 21223- Database analysts and data administrators
  • NOC 21230- Computer systems developers and
  • NOC 21231- Software engineers and designers
  • NOC 21232- Software developers and programmers
  • NOC 21233- Web designers
  • NOC 21234- Web developers and programmers
  • NOC 21311- Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

Analyzing the Latest Ontario Draw

All the Ontario draws conducted this year to nominate candidates for Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream either targeted Healthcare or Tech Occupations. This is because industries and sectors across Canada are facing a desperate need to hire more workers in these certain industries. The reason behind these desperate hiring is the aging population of Canada and lack of workers in the labor force, obviously. 

Since there’s such a huge need to hire more workers, some companies and firms are even accepting under-qualified workers to get by. But this has caused such companies to suffer blow-backs and consequences of hiring the right kind of workers. Their growth basically suffered the consequences. 

This is why Canada launched the Express Entry Category-based selection draw to invite certain candidates from particular occupations only. The chosen occupations are:

  • Healthcare Occupations
  • STEM Occupations
  • Agriculture and Agri-foods Occupations
  • Trades Occupations
  • Transport Occupations
  • French Language Proficiency Occupations

As you can see, inviting workers from the Tech occupations is kind of a priority as of now, and this is why many provinces, such as Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, are taking part in this. 

And if we talk about the federal immigration program, then Canada’s Express Entry most recently, on 6 July, issued 1,500 invitations to Healthcare occupations only under its Category-based selection. And before that, on 5 July, it issued 500 ITAs to STEM occupations only, again under its Category-based selection draws. 

Immigration to Canada might be easier at this time since there’s such a huge need for skilled professionals in the country and employers are looking for employees to fill those vacant job positions. 

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