Manitoba Issues 254 LAAs in Latest Draw

Manitoba consistently conducts PNP draws. Hence, on 28th December, Thursday, it once again held a draw and called for 254 candidates. The candidates received invitations from three different streams. Let’s know about this in detail below. 

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Manitoba Latest Draw

Manitoba held its latest draw to invite 254 eligible candidates from 3 different streams, Skilled Worker in Manitoba, International Education Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas. The draw was held on 28 Dec. 

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

From the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream, 160 letters of advice to apply have been issued. Also, the minimum ranking candidate scored about 612 points. 

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Skilled Worker Overseas

As for the Skilled Worker Overseas, those profiles that directly received invitations under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative, received invitations. 

Total number of candidates invited were 27 and the lowest ranking candidate scored 698 points. 

International Education Stream

67 profiles met the eligibility requirements under the International Education Stream and hence received letters of advice to apply. 

Manitoba Next Draw

Since Manitoba keeps conducting draws, the next draw should happen on 4th January, 2024. 

Eligible individuals who dream of settling in Manitoba have a higher chance of immigrating to the province since letters of advice to apply are frequently issued.

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