New Brunswick News: Govt Inviting All Except Restaurant Workers

New Brunswick News: Govt Inviting All Except Restaurant Workers

You read that right. The government of New Brunswick has announced that it is no longer accepting those in the restaurant industry. This news came as a shock to many workers who were looking forward to immigrating to Canada as a staff in a restaurant. This New Brunswick news may have disappointed those who were thinking of going to the Canadian province, however, when one door closes, another opens. Even if this province is not accepting you, a restaurant worker, through its PNP, there’s always other programs one can go for. 

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Is New Brunswick really not accepting Restaurant Workers? 

The Canadian province, New Brunswick has put a stop to inviting restaurant workers via its provincial nominee program: NBPNP. 

In addition, those working as food counter attendants, kitchen workers, or food service supervisors, or in any other related support staff will not be able to apply for the provincial nominee programs of New Brunswick. 

Earlier, those who wanted to continue working as a worker in those above mentioned jobs had the opportunity to immigrate to New Brunswick through its Skilled Worker stream. 

However, this is not the end of all. The province has said, “…we will continue to issue ITAs to in-province candidates with a qualifying job offer and who demonstrate a minimum of six months of residency in New Brunswick at the time of application to Immigration NB, with the following restrictions.”

If you are already living in the province, and have a valid job offer you can receive an ITA. 

An ITA is an Invitation to Apply for the permanent residency of the province. The province sends these invitations to candidates who have the potential to help in the economy of the province. 

However, when the province says that there are “restrictions”, it means almost anyone with a job in the restaurant sector will not be able to receive an invitation.

What’s the Other Way Around? 

Remember we said that there’s always a solution to every problem? We have the solution to this problem right here! 

If you are a restaurant owner, and want to hire international staff workers, you can suggest some other immigration programs to the candidate you are hiring. 

If the province is not issuing invitations under its Provincial Nominee Program, then there are other immigration programs that the candidates can apply for, such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 

Those working as kitchen helpers, food service workers, food counter workers, or other occupations under the NOC 65201 should speak to the ones employing them and enquire about other available immigration pathways.

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

Those candidates with a full time, permanent job offer from an employer in New Brunswick can immigrate to this province through the Skilled Worker Stream. This is because the stream mainly focuses on such candidates with such job offers. 

But first, you, as an international worker immigrating to Canada, need to have a valid job offer. Along with a job offer, you need to meet all the required qualifications, such as have a legal status in Canada, have all the necessary documents, etc. You should also have an intention to reside in the province. 

If you meet all the requirements, you can then apply for this stream. Your profile will then receive a score based on various factors. Now, the minimum score is around 60. So, if you have a score higher than 60 or 60, you may be able to immigrate to New Brunswick. 

Once you successfully immigrate to New Brunswick you can start working for the dream job you have always wanted! 

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